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Genero Pharmaceuticals: Your Trusted CDMO Partner for Dermatology

Alfons Sindupranata, President Director, Derma Global Ventura,Genero Pharmaceuticals

Lipotype: Unravelling the True Story of Lipids

Kai Simons, Founder & CEO,Lipotype

TKL Research, Inc.: One-Stop-Shop for Clinical Research in Dermatology

Jon C. Anderson, President and CEO,TKL Research, Inc

Improving Access to Quality and Critical Care through Telemedicine

Improving Access to Quality and...

Dr. Shireen Atabaki, M.D., MPH, Medical Director of Telehealth, Children’s National...

Avance Clinical: The Australian CRO for BioTechs

Avance Clinical: The Australian CRO for...

Yvonne Lungershausen, Chief Executive Officer,Avance Clinical

Data, Data Everywhere - But is It Accessible and Useful For Delivering Patient Care?

Data, Data Everywhere - But is It...

Bruce Leidal, CIO, Carestream Health