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Eliassen Group: Tailoring Solutions to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Greg Coir, Executive Vice President, Eliassen GroupGreg Coir, Executive Vice President
Most pharma companies are on a path of rapid digital transformation and business automation to enhance overall productivity and profitability. While this much-needed transition was already picking up pace globally, the pandemic and the subsequent business disruptions have accelerated it, helping businesses thrive in the new normal of hyper-competition.

While it sounds promising, this is a challenging feat for companies unless backed by a reliable, professional service partner like Eliassen Group.

“Our goal is to deliver the best strategic consulting services and talent solutions to clients, helping drive their innovation and business results,” says Greg Coir, EVP of Eliassen Group. “As a team, we strive to make a positive impact in the lives of our clients, consultants, and communities with our suite of services.”

With a dedicated team of subject matter experts having deep industry knowledge, Eliassen Group is ideally positioned to help clients gain business agility and process optimization. This, combined with its technical expertise, has enabled the company to craft a wide range of unique strategic solutions that equip clients with all the necessary tools to optimize their manufacturing and supply chain, clinical operations, research and development, and corporate and commercial operations. Leveraging its team’s expertise in talent solutions, life sciences and Agile consulting, cloud services, risk management, business optimization, and managed services, Eliassen Group effectively executes clients’ business strategies and scales.

What gives Eliassen Group an edge over the competition is its ability to co-create strategies and solutions that best fit clients’ business imperatives and needs.
Unlike others who often airdrop off-the-shelf solutions to clients with a playbook, it works in tandem with their teams, understanding their unique requirements and delivering tailored solutions while navigating them through the entire process.

“Each organization requires a unique transformation strategy, depending on the internal corporate culture, market conditions, and company goals,” states Sally Bauer, SVP of cloud services at Eliassen Group.

A customer-centric approach at its heart enables Eliassen Group to assist a range of businesses in making their digital transformation and business optimization a success. For instance, it helped a large company embrace automation across their operations, mainly the supply chain. While their team had a well-thought-out strategy for this transition, they often faced various challenges and needed to synchronize four operation units for accessing, collecting, and analyzing data. Eliassen Group’s enterprise architecture team came on board, assessed their needs, and quickly implemented a strategy aligned with their business objectives. Through workshops, Eliassen Group helped them identify the business capabilities to execute the approach and the data quality to achieve successful supply chain processes.
  • Our goal is to deliver the best strategic consulting services and talent solutions to clients, helping drive their innovation and business results

This instance is a testament to Eliassen Group’s expertise in the domain, making it a go-to partner for numerous clients in the pharma industry. Its team is adept at framing highly customizable and agile approaches while focusing on consistent monthly or quarterly feedback to better help its clientele and enhance their operations.

“Thought leadership, together with the ability to scale services, is a big differentiator for Eliassen Group,” says Jennifer Mariani, agile engagement manager at Eliassen Group. “We believe once there is a proof of concept, recruiting capabilities can help clients scale and grow various areas like clinical operations, R&D, manufacturing, supply chain, quality, and regulatory.”
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Reading, MA

Greg Coir, Executive Vice President

Eliassen Group is a leading strategic consulting company with a broad suite of offerings for its clients, with deep subject matter and technology expertise in areas such as manufacturing and clinical trials to bring more value to its clients

Eliassen Group