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Medidata Solutions: A Quintessential EDC/CDM Platform

Tarek Sherif, Chairman & CEO,medidata solutions

Saama Technologies: High-End Data and Analytics Services

Haranath Gnana VP, Life Sciences and Healthcare,Saama Technologies

Evalytica: Unleashing the Evidence Trapped in Real - World Patient Data

Stephanie Reisinger, VP, Technology Solution,Evalytica

Qlik: An Associative Analytics Model to Enable Data Visualization

Christopher Ferrara, Director of Industry Solutions, Global Life Sciences,Qlik

Peloton Group: Building a

Peloton Group: Building a

Guy Daniello, CEO and Founder,Peloton Group

ZS Associates: Transforming Sales and Marketing through Analytics

ZS Associates: Transforming Sales and...

Jeff Gold Managing, Partner,ZS Associates

Analyzing the Cloud Architecture

Analyzing the Cloud Architecture

John Reynders, VP, R&D Bioinformatics, Alexion Pharmaceuticals

AMPLEXOR: The Integral Solution for Pharmaceutical Compliance

AMPLEXOR: The Integral Solution for...

Elvis Pacelat, VP-Life Sciences Solutions,AMPLEXOR