PierianDx: Breaking New Ground in NGS

The implications of the world’s largest collaborative biological project in the year 2000—the Human Genome Project-combined with the Big Data revolution in the medical sciences holds out tremendous promise for human health. The technology advancements in the genomics industry is driving a paradigm shift across the business—from powerful new drug chemistries to innovative R&D partnerships and marketing plans. The combination of analytics and cross-channel interaction is further simplifying the overall operations, enabling the access to the real-time information through multiple channels. Today, the rise in the specialty drugs has also complicated both clinical trials and regulatory approvals. The increased use of artificial intelligence and machine learning is steadily shifting the paradigm of genomic research and treatment, providing researchers real-time access to every clinical case study and data required for their research, irrespective of their location. Being able to develop such an elaborate database of information allows researchers to not only understand the full scope of a medical condition, but further shorten the amount of time it takes to diagnose the diseases.

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