Bio-Variance Strengthens Capital Base by New Investors

Bio-Variance Strengthens Capital Base by New Investors

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Friday, September 27, 2019

At the beginning of the year, according to a press release with FlemingEnterprise Holding GmbH (Nuremberg) and Blaugold Investment GmbH (Munich), the company has acquired two investors "who contribute a mid-seven-figure amount to a minority stake in Bio-Variance GmbH". With the capital raised, founder and CEO Josef Scheiber wants to lead the company to further growth in the field of applied precision medicine. "In particular, sales structures should be strengthened and international market access developed." Also in focus is the further development of existing and new products and services, including an app application for patients and doctors. The acquisition of new investors will be accompanied by the start of a cooperation with the management consultancy Oberender AG (Bayreuth / Munich). It supports the development and implementation of the necessary measures to internationalize Bio-Variance, the planned product development and the professionalization of sales. Another focus will be on advising the company in regulatory framework conditions, for example with respect to the German payers.

Bio-Variance is a 2013 founded bioinformatics company from Waldsassen. The 19 employees analyze and interpret complex biomedical data. They identify biological signatures of patients. Among other things, this serves for the individual adaptation of the medication, for example for oncological or psychiatric indications.

"This has turned out beautifully," said Scheiber on request of Oberpfalz-Medien about the cooperation and reveals that the first contact with the partners was created by chance - at a symposium in Munich. There, Scheiber had attracted attention with a critical statement on data protection in the health sector.

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