Clinerion and Maxer Consulting partner to boost the identification...

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Clinerion and Maxer Consulting partner to boost the identification and the recruitment of patients into clinical trials in Italy, and promote safer and more effective clinical outcomes

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Clinerion's Patient Network Explorer will leverage Maxer's extended network of relations in the international healthcare sector to access promising business opportunities and expand Clinerion’s patient coverage into Italy, promoting and delivering clinical trials-related solutions.

Clinerion and Maxer will cooperate to engage clinical trial sponsors to fully exploit Patient Network Explorer’s potential and provide added-value services arising from Maxer’s experience in clinical data management, regulatory affairs, medical affairs, clinical trial disclosure and data transparency, and medical writing services.

The partners' joint mission is to liaise with study sites to increase patient participation in trials to its full potential by offering tools to optimize protocol design, supporting the efficient start-up of local trials, and planning and consistently hitting realistic patient recruitment targets to enable the achievement of total timeline targets.

Clinerion makes real-world patient data accessible for analysis so that study protocols can be optimized with real patients in mind. It also maintains a cloud platform that brings together participants from across the clinical study ecosystem, comprising sponsors, hospitals and clinicians, and treating physicians and patients.

Maxer will support commercial and non-commercial sponsors in registering their clinical trials, uploading the results of the clinical trials on the public databases (EU and US), anonymizing the clinical data, and editing relevant scientific papers.

The geographic scope of the partnership is primarily focused on Italy, but will extend to other countries as opportunities arise.

"There are objective complementarities between Clinerion's and Maxer's business models," says Massimo Zaninelli, CEO Of Maxer." This condition lays the foundations for cooperation that will contribute to carrying out clinical studies on targeted patient populations, reducing the times and costs of implementation, and enabling innovative approaches to personalized medicine.”

“We are eager to bring the full support of our services to the patients and physicians in Italy,” says Ian Rentsch, CEO of Clinerion. “Clinerion’s Patient Network Explorer matches patients to clinical research, creating greater access to international trials for Italian trial sites and offering physicians more treatment options.”

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