Cloud Computing Contributing to Pharma Marketing Operations

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Cloud Computing Contributing to Pharma Marketing Operations

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Cloud computing has immense flexibility and security assurances for the Pharma Industry.

FREMONT, CA: The pharmaceutical industry is increasingly aiming toward enhanced and personalized patient engagement. However, it’s an uphill task, especially as the sector must also adhere to the stringent compliance policies. It’s one of the primary reasons why companies are ready to invest in cloud technology.

Cloud computing has made huge progress in the past few years. It offers a huge opportunity for pharma companies to amplify their marketing prowess. 

Why Cloud Computing?

A marketer in the pharmaceutical industry must have direct access to his marketing audience data which is critical to maintaining a powerful marketing strategy. Here are the ways in which cloud computing can make it simple:

Access to Multi-Device SupportPharma industry possesses massive amounts of data. As per the estimates, it generates petabytes of data each second through multiple data streams such as CRM and R&D systems. The major challenge is the storage of such massive data sets and how to access it when needed.

Cloud computing enables the marketers to store critical data in a global network which can be accessed from anywhere and from any device. It allows the marketers in pharma to function efficiently from where they are instead of having to be in the workplace to access specific data. Multi-Device support enables simple information exchange and also assists promote clinical trial recruitment.

Already patients are leveraging portals to access their medical records and to connect with their physicians. Apps are also allowing to start conversations among the patients with the same disease and to fill scripts online.

Direct Access to Massive Patient-Data Instantly

It is crucial for marketing employees to control content and data without any intervention. The proceeding in this direction begins with the marketers’ ability to access data irrespective of where they are.

Cloud technology can assist the marketers to easily share and access relevant files from one place to the other, which will also enhance communication and collaboration between the clients and the team. 

With massive patient data pouring from everywhere, such as apps, social media, wearables, and the internet, cloud computing ensures easy access to the data by the pharma companies. Moreover, patients are also actively participating in their healing process. As per a survey, over 85 percent of patients express that they were willing to take responsibility for their health and knew how to control online resources to help them do so.

Maximizing Cost Efficiency

Incorporating cloud computing into pharma marketing operations is much more affordable than conventional methods. It is so as the transition doesn’t require vast amounts of time and money on software, infrastructure, and hardware. The cloud is ready to address the above challenges.

Apart from the reduced costs, process efficiencies are also enhanced through cloud computing. Cloud computing offers an open channel of communication that will result in more streamlined patient engagement and faster decision-making processes.

Increased Security

Security was the major challenge in the past with cloud technology. It was the primary reason why pharma companies kept a distance from technology. With recent technological advancements, security has turned out to be the most significant advantage of transitioning to the cloud.

The cloud is secure as it encrypts data to be transmitted over networks and places across various databases. The encryption not just shields the sensitive data from the potential outside threat but also prohibits access to the internal team members who are not authorized to access the data. 

Increased Mobility

With time the world is increasingly getting mobile. Even the phones are being used for much more than just for texting and making calls. In this context, cloud computing will enable the marketing operations team to access relevant information from anywhere. Sometimes when a team has had a busy day, addressing the existing deadlines become a challenge. With the cloud, anyone from the team can access all the data and files at home and meet the deadline.

Improved Analytics

Advanced cloud analytics can guide the patients throughout their journey. Analytics also helps marketers to gain a better understanding of what is most important to the audience. Thus, pharma marketers can collect the useful content that will not only assist the patients but also help them to address any questions or issues that they might be having.

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