How Nanotechnology can Revolutionize the Healthcare Industry

How Nanotechnology can Revolutionize the Healthcare Industry

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Tuesday, April 09, 2019

NanotechnologyHealthcare technology is evolving almost every day. Many healthcare service providers are implementing new and innovative technologies to provide patients with customized medicines, drugs and treatments designed according to each person’s biological features.

The existing process of disease diagnosis and treatment is a costly and time-consuming affair. Many healthcare companies are leveraging intelligent technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data analytics, and many others to improve disease diagnoses, analyze medical images and crunch the numbers to discover trends or perform research. Nanotechnology can also be an asset for the healthcare industry in their quest to provide personalized medicine. The technology allows a user to understand and control a matter at the nanoscale, between one to hundred nanometers.

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The reason for the inclination towards nanotechnology for healthcare industries is because many biological molecules and structures like cells, DNA, and so on exist and operate on micro and nano scales. The use of this technology will help healthcare professionals in areas like drug delivery, sensing and imaging, repairing damaged cells, and more. Nanomedicine can assist with diagnostics, analytical tools, and treatment therapies, among others.

Drug delivery is one of the primary causes of concern for healthcare professionals the drug-based treatments are limited to topical or oral application or injections and requires bodily travel of the drug  before arriving at the treatment site. This method of treatment can damage other tissues, increasing the frequency and intensity of side effects. Nanotechnology will enable healthcare companies to perform targeted drug delivery processes, which can improve the effectiveness of many treatments by leaps and bounds.

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Nanotechnology can also help to enhance the imaging capabilities for the medical industry. Nanoparticles offer many features that can improve the distribution and contrast of images generated by MRI or ultrasound, helping medical practitioners to identify abnormalities like tumors and damaged tissues with more accuracy. Nanotechnology also provides a precise method that uses quantum dots, which deliver clear images of the growth or shrinkage of tumors, organ troubles, and whether drugs are traveling to the correct treatment location required for the body.

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