How Outsourcing Helps Digital Transformation in the Pharma Industry

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How Outsourcing Helps Digital Transformation in the Pharma Industry

Stacey Smith, Pharma Tech Outlook | Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Outsourcing makes it easier for pharma companies to scale up or down the digital transformation pace and the facility’s progress.

FREMONT, CA: Unlike most products they purchase, consumers today have no way to readily assess the quality of the drugs they consume. But detecting impurities in medicinal tablets is not so simple. Pharmaceutical firms essentially assured the marketplace of their product quality. The remedy is digitalizing the business. This means interconnecting processes within the production line and other areas of the business to add value to customers, enhance productivity, make efficiency savings, improve product quality, and many more. However, the existing resources may not include all the expertise required to deliver a pharma's digital transformation project. Outsourcing is a key part of the solution. Learn more here.

Outsourcing digital transformation is not just about bringing in a third-party solution provider to offer on a project that involves non-core aspects of the business. Instead, outsourcing digital transformation involves carving relationships with strategic partners that provide resources, expertise, experience, and knowledge to ensure that the firm achieves digital transformation success over the long-term. Outsourcing digital transformation will ensure sufficient resources are available to offer on the project’s objectives. The responsibility for ensuring those resources is in place moves to the outsourced provider, enabling pharma to get on with running their business.

Pharma will also get access to highly valuable expertise and experience when they outsource digital transformation. Providing firms select the right team, and there will be engineers working on the project who have offered similar solutions in the past. The right team will also have experience in the health sciences sector. The full range of potentials firms will have access to by outsourcing cannot be understated. Firms will also be able to resource-up in-house for the main skills needed to complete a particular project.

When firms undertake a digital transformation project in-house, it is responsible for all the risks involved. This fact is even more pertinent if the project involves technologies the team is not familiar with. By outsourcing, the firm share the risks, plus the outsourced team will have experience of similar projects and the hurdles those projects face.


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