ProcessPro ERP Chosen by Temperance Distilling Company

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ProcessPro ERP Chosen by Temperance Distilling Company

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Friday, September 25, 2020

Dr Michael Bertini

SHAKOPEE, Minn. - ProcessPro, leading ERP software powered by OSAS, announces the selection of its Global enterprise software by Temperance Distilling, a full-service distillery located in Michigan.

"We are currently expanding rapidly, not only in organic growth of our current brand partners but also with new customers. The complexity that comes with rapid growth caused us to reevaluate our business and make the decision to switch from a reactionary process to being proactive and having an ERP solution driving our decisions. We expect the ERP solution to improve turnaround time on our production and inventory data and to speed the visibility of our inventory and order processing allowing us to more closely manage materials and limit the amount of inventory we carry," stated Zachary Owen, VP of Operations, Temperance Distilling.

Temperance Distilling was seeking a comprehensive system to unite business and manufacturing operations that would help them decrease reliance on manual processes. Real-time visibility was also a necessity to ensure they were consistently meeting client demands in the areas of product development, manufacturing, and warehousing of their over 500 different products.

"After evaluating several ERP software programs we chose ProcessPro because we felt the standard modules of the program were best suited for our business. The level of customization would be low and we could adapt our internal processes to fit the program with little change. We look forward to implementing this into our company and reaping the benefits of the improvements it will make," continued Owen.

ProcessPro's ERP solution will track inventory from grain to shelf providing a documented audit trail. MRP will assist with production planning, scheduling, and purchasing by forecasting future demand - allowing Temperance Distilling to maintain accurate inventory levels of raw ingredients, work-in-progress (WIP), and finished goods.

"We're pleased to be providing our industry knowledge and market-leading ProcessPro Global solution to help unify Temperance Distilling's operations," stated Dr. Michael Bertini, OSAS CEO. "Our distillery ERP will allow them to consistently manufacture high-quality products while adjusting to changing client demands."

Temperance Distilling Company began in 1998 in Temperance, MI, as a full-service turnkey operation, producing unique alcoholic beverages and products for different markets, demands, tastes, and locations. Their 65,000 square foot facility houses a variety of services including formulation, branding, package design, production, warehousing, shipping, and compliance. In addition to distributing their own products under Temperance Brands, they pride themselves on being a co-packer for companies searching for a cost-effective, trustworthy, and experienced partnership. Visit

OSAS is a market-leading provider of accounting, business management, and ERP software solutions. Powered by OSAS, our products”Traverse, ProcessPro, Impress, Flex-Pack, Traverse Global Service, and SouthWare”are designed to solve the unique business and industry needs of clients, helping them to remain competitive and excel. OSAS delivers and supports adaptable suites of technology applications to distribution, wholesale trade, manufacturing, services, job shop and not-for-profit companies. For more information, visit

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