Why it is Necessary to Use Digital Technologies in the Pharma...

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Why it is Necessary to Use Digital Technologies in the Pharma Industry?

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Thursday, November 19, 2020

The pharma industries must start using digital technologies to assure the customers that they offer better quality medicines and even reduce the risk.

FREMONT, CA: Consumers have no way through which they can readily access the quality of the drug they are taking. For example, the consumers can instantly see a faulty tablet or computer with a cracked screen during purchase, but it is impossible to detect any medicinal tablets' impurities.

When the consumers are asked about the authenticity and quality of the medicines, they can say that they believe every drug they intake is made by the company whose name is written. Therefore, they expect that every drug is manufactured, and quality controlled by utilizing the best technologies. The pharma industry that includes generic makers, contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs), and drug companies, is far behind other sectors in using modern control and information technologies. Such modern technologies can enhance the quality and efficiency of every stage in the pharma sector.

The regulatory necessities and good manufacturing practices (GMPs) have developed with time, but they have not changed their core. They were apprehended even before the outsourced manufacturing system became a norm, and it was a time when the commercially available technology was less advanced. Nowadays, the pharma companies and CMOs are still dependent on the disjointed, document-based procedure rather than utilizing digital systems that will help them to manage product knowledge and manufacturing.

The delay in using digital technologies can create a particular risk to the pharma companies and their customers. The problems are compounded to several areas by outsourcing production, starting from initial tech transfer, ongoing process analysis, and improvement. It is high time that the pharma industry must move forward. The companies related to the sector will also demand that the CMOs offer better and robust production data in the electronic form. Such a transformation will take place either due to the increasing popularity of Pharma 4.0 or strict regulations.

CMOs that shift towards an automated and digitized operation can enjoy significant competitive benefits in the market, and it will also decrease the risk for their clients. The advantages will also increase when the industry stakeholders commit to a more connected method during manufacturing and knowledge management.

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