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MEDIAN Technologies: Transforming Image Interpretation to Quantitative Science

MEDIAN Technologies: Transforming Image...

Fredrik Brag CEO,MEDIAN Technologies

ICON: Raising the Efficiency of Clinical Trials

ICON: Raising the Efficiency of...

Sanjay Patel, VP & Global Head of Data Management,ICON

Axiom Real-Time Metrics: Truly Unified eClinical Solutions

Axiom Real-Time Metrics: Truly Unified...

Andrew Schachter, CEO & Founder,Axiom Real Time Metrics

How Technology Advancements are Disrupting the Pharmaceutical Industry?

How Technology Advancements are...

Kristin Darby, CIO, Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA)

Cancer Genetics: A Unique Bench to Bedside Strategy for Oncology-from Discovery through Development into Diagnostics

Cancer Genetics: A Unique Bench to...

Panna Sharma, President & CEO,Cancer Genetics

Genome Profiling (

Genome Profiling ("GenPro"): Pioneering...

Jeb Connor Chairman, Co-Founder & CEO,Genome Profiling (