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ExtraView Corporation: Single Database Enterprise Software Solutions

Carl Koppel, CEO & Founder,ExtraView Corporation

Quality Systems Integrators (QSI): Alleviating the Burden of Compliance Challenges

Marti Turocy, Director of Operations,Quality Systems Integrators

ExtraView Corporation: Redefining a Proactive Workflow

Carl Koppel, CEO and Founder,ExtraView Corporation

Sparta Systems: Streamlining Compliance Management

Sparta Systems: Streamlining Compliance...

Eileen Martinson, CEO,Sparta Systems

Quartesian: Clinical Data Specialists

Quartesian: Clinical Data Specialists

Benjamin Jackson, Co-founder, President & CEO,Quartesian

The Changing Role of CIO in the Biopharmaceutical Industry

The Changing Role of CIO in the...

Andy Newsom, CIO, CSL Behring

arivis AG: BigImage Data and Regulatory, Quality, Compliance (RQC) Management

arivis AG: BigImage Data and...

Andreas Suchanek, Founder and CEO,arivis AG

DNAnexus: Leveraging Genomic Data in Clinical Trials

DNAnexus: Leveraging Genomic Data in Clinical Trials

Omar Serang, Chief Cloud Officer,DNAnexus

Celgene BI Solution Drives Analytics, Compliance and Reporting

Joanne Beck, Ph.D., Executive Vice President, Global Pharmaceutical Development & Operations, Celgene Corporation

genae: Untangling the Complexities of Clinical Trials

Philippe Kassab, President genae Americas,genae

ASI DATAMYTE: Insight-Driven Quality Management

ASI DATAMYTE: Insight-Driven Quality...

Rick Bump, President and Joel Ronning, Chairman,ASI DATAMYTE

CEBIS International: Catalyzing Successful Clinical Researches

CEBIS International: Catalyzing...

Mihai Manolache, President & CEO,CEBIS International