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Enhancements in StayinFront TouchCG and TouchCG Admin Portal
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Ken Arbadji, VP of Sales, North America

The latest release of Consumer Goods 12.24 offers assistance to sales areas and cycle priorities, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in the sector. FREMONT, CA: A provider of mobile, cloud-based field force, and customer relationship...

AI is Making Drug Discovery Easier
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Including AI in Drug discovery can lower the hurdles and challenges which were previously faced by researchers and scientists. FREMONT, CA: Researchers face slim odds while transforming molecules into medicines. The success rate of drug...

The Significance of Data Analytics in Clinical Trial Data Management
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Organizations are leveraging data analytics and data management tools to assess the available clinical data and enhance the quality as well as the accuracy of the trial outcomes. FREMONT, CA – The emergence of big data and real-time...

Telemedicine: A New Horizon in Healthcare
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Telemedicine is rapidly bringing a fundamental transformation in the delivery of healthcare services. It allows healthcare providers to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients using common technologies such as video conferencing and smart devices...

ActiGraph Announces New Scientific Affairs and Data Management Division
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Pensacola, FL - ActiGraph, the leading provider of medical-grade wearable activity and sleep monitoring solutions for the global scientific community, announced today the establishment of a new Scientific Affairs and Data Management division....

Efficient Data Management in the Healthcare Space
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Jim Simpson, SVP & CIO, AvMed

With the abundance of technology around every industry vertical, it may come as a surprise to many that there is no standardized solution for content management. Every company, not just in healthcare, has to craft a solution with what works for...

Celgene BI Solution Drives Analytics, Compliance and Reporting
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Joanne Beck, Ph.D., Executive Vice President, Global Pharmaceutical Development & Operations, Celgene Corporation

The highly-regulated nature of the pharmaceutical industry – coupled with historically siloed organizational models and mergers and acquisitions that introduce disparate operational and IT systems to the enterprise – often presents...

Taking Clinical Data Management into the Future with Big Data Integrations in the Cloud
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Temitope Keyes, VP of Business Development, ThoughtSphere

It is hard to think of an industry that has not, or could not, benefit from the scalability and ease of cloud technology. It is also hard to think of a field that has more to gain from these benefits than life sciences in delivering innovative...

Data Management beyond Clinical Trials
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Steve Cutler, COO, ICON plc [NASDAQ:ICLR]

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) exist to aid in the delivery of care and the administration of health systems. EHRs were not designed to collect data for use in clinical trial research. However, we are seeing an ever growing appetite for sponsors...

Quartesian Expands Global Footprint for "Clinical Data Your Way"
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PRINCETON, N.J.: Quartesian, a leading data clinical research organization (CRO) known for delivering "Clinical Data Your Way" from early and late stage clinical studies for virtual, biotechnology, and small to mid-sized pharma as well...

The Convergence of Mobile and Tablet Technology: Sales Reps' Swiss Army Knife
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Brian Longo, General Manager, Commercial Products, Veeva Systems

Many life sciences field sales reps have too many redundant technology devices – smartphones, tablets, and desktop PCs. At some point soon,these devices are destined to consolidate as has already happened with gadgets. Point-and-shoot...

LabVantage Solutions: A One-Stop Solution for Laboratory Information Management
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Dr. John Heiser, Ph.D, CEO

Headquartered in Somerset, NJ with offices around the world, LabVantage Solutions, Inc. provides laboratories with a comprehensive portfolio of informatics products and services, including LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System),...

SanaClis: One-Stop Shop for Drug Development Processes
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Alexander Fetkovsky, Managing Partner

Offers a comprehensive range of services to help its clients in the drug development process as a CRO

Abbott Informatics: Transforming the Way Lab Works
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Miles D. White, Chairman and CEO

Offering world-class Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) to collect, handle, and interpret the data needed to get a product to market more quickly

Core Informatics: Unified Data Management Platform
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Josh Geballe, CEO

Offers collaborated data management and R&D platform for Pharmaceutical companies

Axiom Real-Time Metrics: Truly Unified eClinical Solutions
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Andrew Schachter, CEO & Founder

Delivers easy-to-use and cost-effective eClinical and data management solutions and services

ZyDoc: Real-World Data for the Healthcare Industry
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James M. Maisel, M.D., Chairman, and CEO

The Company performs e-transcription and real-world data solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

Waife & Associates, Inc.: Avant-Garde Consulting in Clinical Research
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Ronald S. Waife, President

Helps clinical research companies build competitive advantage through process improvement and technology adoption

ICON: Raising the Efficiency of Clinical Trials
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Sanjay Patel, VP & Global Head of Data Management

Global outsourced pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device development services provider

Core Informatics: Adaptable Lab Informatics Solutions Let Scientists Focus on Science
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Anthony Uzzo, President & Co-Founder

Delivers state-of-the-art data management solutions that are highly configurable, providing rapid deployment options to meet the customer’s requirements.