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Future of Biotherapeutic Treatment for Bacterial Infections
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Biopharmaceutical development is entering a new phase with advanced classes of treatments that are harnessing the natural power of viruses and cells and maneuvering them to fight human diseases. As the conventional therapies have not been able to...

Yes, the CISO, CIO, and CTO can be friends!
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Rebecca Wynn, Head of Information Security, Matrix Medical Network

It always has amazed me to see, read, and hear stories of Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and other executives becoming very concerned that the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) had become a close colleague of the Chief Information Officer...

RURO and ISENET Ally to Develop LIMS for Biobanks
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FREMONT, CA: RURO, a developer of software for research, biotechnological, pharmaceutical, healthcare and government laboratories announces alliance with Integrated Systems Engineering (ISENET) to deliver laboratory management software (LIMS)...

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