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Innovation Initiatives for Better Manufacturing Management
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Sharon Kaiser, CIO and Director of IT, New England Biolabs, Inc.

The Digital Transformation New England Biolabs (NEB) was founded in the mid-1970s and is one of the oldest biotech companies in the world. It was founded by scientists and is committed to developing innovative products for the life sciences...

ProcessPro Merges with Open Systems to Expand Market Reach and Enhance its ERP Software Capabilities
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FREMONT, CA:  Open Systems, a provider of business software, acquires ProcessPro, a mid-market ERP software company which is now a division of Open Systems. With the merger, ProcessPro will be able to expand its geographical presence by...

MES Offers its Services to Pharmaceutical and Contract Manufacturing Sectors
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DUBLIN, OH: Shopfloor-Online, the web-based product from LZ Lifescience has already gained acceptance in many sectors. Now the company introduces Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to establish electronic records in life...

Approach for Life Sciences to Enable Growth and Success
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Joe McGrath, VP and CIO, FORUM Pharmaceuticals

If you are a CIO or head of IT for a small or mid-sized life sciences startup that is preparing to go to market, you have a lot of things that would keep you awake at night. Whether your nightmares are about clinical data management, or regulatory...

How To Use Systems Of Engagement To Better Engage Healthcare Providers (HCPs)
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Jeff Gaus,President, CEO, Prolifiq Software

The life sciences commercialization model has changed. Long gone are the days of “reach and frequency,” “three-points and a close,” and “…here dropping of some donuts, pens and note pads.” Individual reps...

ASI DATAMYTE: Insight-Driven Quality Management
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Rick Bump, President and Joel Ronning, Chairman

Provides integrated software, hardware, and consulting services to address the challenges of quality, FDA compliance and risk management

Abbott Informatics: Transforming the Way Lab Works
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Miles D. White, Chairman and CEO

Offering world-class Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) to collect, handle, and interpret the data needed to get a product to market more quickly

SMP Logic Systems: Enhancing Real-time Monitoring of Manufacturing Processes
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Shane Popp, Founder & President

Patented technology for improving manufacturing processes in the pharmaceutical arena

BatchMaster: Intuitive ERP for Process Manufacturing
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Sahib Dudani, President & CEO

Helps formula-based manufacturers streamline their operations and scale production while reducing costs

ProcessPro: Uniting Pharmaceutical Manufacturing with Expertise
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Joe Blauert, General Manager

Provides industry-specific ERP solutions developed for batch process manufacturers

SYSPRO: Manufacturing. Streamlined.
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Brian Stein, CEO, SYSPRO USA

An approximately four decades old firm that offers market leading ERP solutions that take multi-geographical deployment to the next level

Open Systems, Inc.: Alleviating Compliance Pressures with Effective Solutions
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Michael Bertini, CEO

Provides adaptable ERP, accounting, and business software solutions for companies in a wide array of industries including—manufacturing, distribution, not-for-profit, and many more

rfXcel Corporation: Enhanced Visibility Across the Supply Chain
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Glenn E. Abood, Chairman and CEO

Pioneer in creating product serialization, traceability and compliance solutions for the life sciences industry

ProcessPro: Simplifying Process Manufacturing with an Integrated ERP Platform
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Daniel Erickson, Director of Product Strategy

Provides ERP software solution for the mid-market process manufacturing industry.

LZ Lifescience: Sophisticated Solutions for Dynamic Manufacturing Processes
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Christian Fortunel, Vice President

Delivering high-end web-based solutions for efficient data management and manufacturing operations at lower costs.

Infionic: Providing Sustainable Business Control
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Subramanyam S. P., Founder & CEO

Specializes in connecting information across an enterprise for simpler access and faster decisions.

Aplicor: Cost-effective Business Management Software for Medical Distribution
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Don McKinney, CEO

Aplicor provides our customers with cloud enabled applications to drive their core processes, allowing them to concentrate on building revenue and profitability.

Qlik: An Associative Analytics Model to Enable Data Visualization
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Christopher Ferrara, Director of Industry Solutions, Global Life Sciences

(NASDAQ: QLIK) Qliks portfolio of products meets the customer's growing needs from reporting and self-service visual analysis to guided, embedded and custom analytics

Navigating a Smooth Journey to Supply Chain Cloud
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Jon Chorley, CSO and GVP of SCM Strategy and PLM Development, Oracle [NYSE: ORCL]

In the decades leading up to Y2K, decisions about supply chain web applications were relatively straightforward. There were only a couple of vendors, and the stack consisted of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and material requirements planning...

Global Supply Chain Management System for Better Visibility
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Anthony DeCanti, CIO & SVP, UniGroup

UniGroup, a global relocation, transportation and logistics leader, is the parent company of United Van Lines, Mayflower Transit, UniGroup Logistics, UniGroup Relocation and Sterling Relocation. Approximately700 independent U.S. agents and more...