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Rendering the Power of Integrated Biotechnology Services
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Tim Jackson, VP Technology, Advanced Clinical

If a firm is NOT using the cloud, they are missing important functional gains and substantial cost savings. The benefits of cloud computing are just as valuable for the life sciences/biotech industry as they are for other industries. Of course,...

Pro-Active EHR Optimization is a Necessity
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Toni Jarrett, Executive Director, Advisory Services, Optimum Healthcare IT

Everyone knows that routine maintenance is required to keep a home, car or even a person in good shape and performing well. The same is true in regards to our Electronic Health Records. To meet the requirements and capitalize on the benefits of...

Transforming Health Care for the Consumer
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Laurent Rotival, SVP of Strategic Technology Solutions and CIO, Cambia Health Solutions

As the saying goes – everyone is a patient, thus everyone is invested in health care. However, as individuals we are all more than just our medical histories, our diagnoses and treatments. Health care needs to look at people in a more...

IT Strategy in Healthcare
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Matthew Sena, M.H.A., CIO, Northern Arizona Healthcare

Today’s healthcare IT strategy is a tree with multiple trunks and many intertwining branches addressing needs of a complex and evolving healthcare landscape. The term “healthcare technology strategy” itself has become...

Paging Dr. Drone
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Brian S. Williams, Strategy and Innovation, PwC

The biopharmaceutical industry lags behind other industries, such as retail and telecommunications, in the deployment of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Drones and Virtual Reality. Yet these technological innovations loom on...

Remodeling Medicare with Big Data
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Deborah Profit, PhD, Leader, Otsuka Information Technology (OIT), Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development & Commercialization

The healthcare industry, since outset, has been home to some of the most cutting-edge and forward-looking science, whether in biology, chemistry or genetics. Adoption of new technologies, however, has proceeded less quickly. While many healthcare...

The Crossroad of Population Health and Information Technology
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Pracha Eamranond, Senior VP, Medical Affairs and Population

Population health continues to play an enormous and evolving role in the forefront of health IT. Organizations across the country are working at various levels to integrate technology in managing the health of the various populations they serve....

Crowd Sourcing for Healthcare Innovation
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Benson Hsu, Vice President, Data and Analytics, Sanford Health

Healthcare delivery as a whole, with all its technological advances in patient care, has seemingly been inattentive in applying advanced analytics onto the endless amounts of data being collected. Historically, one could argue that healthcare...

Novel Informatics Approaches to Clinical Trials Cohort Identification for Precision Medicine
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Ajay Shah, Director, Research Informatics and Systems Division, City of Hope

Top ten highest grossing drugs in the US help between 25 to 40 percent people who take them. Precision Medicine (PM) approach promises better-informed, stratified and personalized patient care decisions and therapeutic discoveries. PM uses...

A Detailed Report of the Compliance Arena
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Phil Curran, CISO & CPO, Cooper University Hospital

The compliance environment continues to get more complicated and more difficult to understand. As we move forward, we must be flexible in our response to this ever-changing environment. While there are many factors making compliance more...

Survey Says, Major Changes Underway in Clinical Operations
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Jill Johnston, VP of Vault Clinical, Veeva Systems

Improved inspection-readiness and faster clinical trials driving industry shift. We break down the latest findings from the Veeva Paperless TMF Survey, the largest industry wide survey that examines how life sciences companies are managing the...

Paving the Way with New Technology
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Dan Sheehan, SVP & CIO, DentaQuest

Technology Challenges in the Healthcare Industry • Initiating change management: With the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) now law, the major challenge for the health care industry is not technology. While there needs to be...

Leveraging Informatics and Analytics To Mine Big Data
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Tom O’Leary, CIO, ICON

Challenges in technology to meet enterprise needs in 2014 and expectations In the context of Pharmaceutical Drug Development the big challenge is connecting and integrating technologies which will give a full 360 degree perspective  on...

The Magic Formula for Biotech IT
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Jeffrey Keisling, CIO and SVP, Pfizer

With the explosive growth of genomics data and the broad implementation of electronic medical records, there are more opportunities than ever to leverage technology to better serve the needs of patients. Healthcare, our understanding of disease,...

Integrating System Data with IoT
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Perry Horner, CIO, Adelante Healthcare

Embracing Technology to Drive Innovation The healthcare industry is experiencing a rapid multi-faceted shift in modality with its products, services, reimbursement, and customer. Enter the new organization proactive towards a patient’s...

Bringing New Paradigms in Radiology Practices
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Shannon Werb, CIO, Virtual Radiologic

Challenges for the Current Industry Radiology is typically thought of as one of the more innovative and technology enabled specialties. However, on the whole, we have been slow to think how to move beyond technology as a way to drive new levels...

C-Suite Executive with Technology Literacy: CIO
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Robert Napoli, CIO & SVP-IT, Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and the Hawaiian Islands

During my first healthcare IT leadership job, the organization for which I worked didn’t have a CIO position. “A CIO can accomplish much more important objectives, such as leveraging technology to bring efficiency and greater...

Cloud; Promising Trend in Precision Medicine
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Chris Larkin, General Manager, Software Engineering - GE Healthcare, Life Sciences

Using the Cloud to Manufacture the Right Drugs More Efficiently The cloud has the potential to offer incredible asset performance management benefits for the pharmaceutical industry. Medicine makers are looking for ways to manufacture...

Franz Releases Graph Visualization Software to Build Connections between Data
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FREMONT, CA: Graph visualizations are powerful tools that convey the content of a graph. They can highlight patterns, and show clusters and connections. A graph database is a database that uses graph structures for semantic queries with nodes,...

Ancillare: Clinical and Ancillary Supply Chain Experts
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Joanne Santomauro, Founder & CEO

Manages clinical and ancillary supply and simplify I-IV trial supply demands

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