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4 Cybersecurity Weak Spots You Should Care About When Others Don't
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Marc Probst, CIO and VP, Intermountain Healthcare

As evidenced by the malware-induced breach at Banner Health and the ransomware attack at Hollywood Presbyterian earlier this year, cybercriminals are continually targeting healthcare organizations. The financial and reputational costs of a breach...

Big Data in Healthcare
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Bob Oliver, President and CEO, Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc.

The impact of big data is being felt in every industry, but the impact on pharma is amplified by the convergence of science and technology. There is an emerging transformation fueled by growing transparency in the flow of information between...

Technology is At the Heart of Everything
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Chris Johns, CIO, PNC Asset Management Group and PNC Investments

Advancements in Data and Internet of Things The advancements in data–analytics, machine learning–are transforming our ability to understand our clients’ needs and respond in a timely manner. As a result, we are able to be more...

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: Revolutionizing the Physician/ Patient Relationship
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Kali Durgampudi, VP of Innovation and Mobility, Nuance Communications

The abundance of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and connected technologies being introduced daily are pushing the limits of innovation and raising expectations with every passing day. Thanks to these developments, particularly in machine...

Disruptive Trends in Manufacturing IT
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Michele C. D'Alessandro, VP & CIO, Manufacturing IT, Merck

The manufacturing world is undergoing its fourth industrial revolution, known as Industry 4.0, spurred by the proliferation of digital capabilities (Internet of Things), and the integration of these capabilities into existing production and...

Digitizing the Life Sciences Value Chain
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Andrea Fiumicelli, VP and General Manager, CSC Healthcare & Life Sciences

The healthcare and life sciences industry is undergoing a wholesale transformation. In every corner of the world, healthcare and life sciences companies—which include pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device manufacturers—face...

Addressing the R&D Productivity Challenge through Big Data
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Dr Jaqui Hodgkinson, VP-Product Development, Pharma & Life Sciences, Elsevier R&D Solutions

Successful drug discovery and development relies upon access to accurate, trusted and reliable data at every stage of the research process. This is particularly pertinent in the early, pre-clinical stages – where data is at the very crux of...

DNA Infusion-Providing an Identity and Voice to Pharmaceuticals
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Judy Murrah, CIO, Applied DNA Sciences Inc

The Internet of Things is focused on smart things. “Unintelligent” things such as pharmaceuticals need a voice to ensure that they are real, safe, and traceable. With many devastating stories in the media every day, at unmeasurable...

Identifying and Addressing the Evolving Needs of Patients
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Keith Perry, CIO & SVP, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

New Role of Technology It is an inspiring time to be working at the intersection of technology and health care. At St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, we understand that technology is fundamental to accomplishing our mission. Most of...

Integrating System Data with IoT
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Perry Horner, CIO, Adelante Healthcare

Embracing Technology to Drive Innovation The healthcare industry is experiencing a rapid multi-faceted shift in modality with its products, services, reimbursement, and customer. Enter the new organization proactive towards a patient’s...

Cost-Effective Quality Care in a World of Shrinking Reimbursement
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Martin Howard, CIO, Amedisys

What do you see as a big challenge in technology today? If you were to write down a wish list, what solutions are you looking forward to and what are your expectations from technology providers? “Organizations that integrate and leverage...

The Cloud and Connectivity Driving Toward the Future
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Yair Briman, SVP & GM, Healthcare IT, Philips Healthcare

The cloud is powering new possibilities and expanding capabilities across healthcare, pharma and the life sciences. At the most basic, day-today operational level, storing large quantities of data in the cloud requires fewer resources for onsite...

Sitting is The New Smoking, As Mobile Fundamentally Disrupts Health Care... Again
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Geoff McCleary, VP, Group Director, Mobile Strategy

There is a new norm for us that most people haven’t really noticed. We sit at our desks, in meetings, or even at home – in front of giant projectors or TVs, with our laptops and tablets in front of us, while answering emails or...

Making Healthcare Better Through Mobile Innovation
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Bijoy Sagar, Global CIO, Stryker

The medical technology industry, like many others in the healthcare sector, recognizes the importance of innovative data-based solutions in delivering a superior patient and customer experience. Assuring the delivery of these solutions within a...

Cloud Computing in Pharma Industry
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Joe Touey, SVP, GSK North America Pharmaceuticals IT

Many Pharma and life sciences companies consume cloud computing in the form of software-as-a-service. GSK deploys all email and collaboration technology— in the Microsoft cloud. Hence we operate in several countries with hundred thousand...

ASI DATAMYTE: Insight-Driven Quality Management
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Rick Bump, President and Joel Ronning, Chairman

Provides integrated software, hardware, and consulting services to address the challenges of quality, FDA compliance and risk management

ExtraView Corporation: Redefining a Proactive Workflow
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Carl Koppel, CEO and Founder

Provides the ExtraView enterprise platform for pharma business process automation, compliance with healthcare regulations, third party product integration and more

EtQ: Fostering Operational Excellence in Life Sciences
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Morgan Palmer, CTO

A comprehensive compliance platform to provide increased visibility and control to life sciences.

ExtraView Corporation: Single Database Enterprise Software Solutions
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Carl Koppel, CEO & Founder

Provides an easily configurable, single database, enterprise software platform.

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