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How to Balance the Compliance Value in Pharma Companies?
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The sudden and fast changes in the pharmaceutical industry now call for an upgrade in compliance, whereas the implementation of digital technologies like automation and ML continue to maintain compliance as a strategic partner to any business....

Augmented Intelligence in Life Sciences
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Amaresh Tripathy, SVP - Business Leader, Analytics, Genpact

There’s a lot of hype around artificial intelligence, but we are light years away from businesses that are outright replacing humans with machines. Human-level artificial intelligence may never be a reality, and at best, these technologies...

Symphogen to Deliver Compliance-Focused Training Programs
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The learning management system enhances the e-clinical experience by ensuring that all relevant stakeholders share the knowledge needed to conduct studies efficiently and in regulatory compliance. FREMONT, CA: Symphogen, a biotech company...

Torchbearer of Innovations for the Life Sciences Industry
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Matt Wallach, President, Veeva Systems

When Matt Wallach and Peter Gassner set out to found Veeva Systems in 2007, they were subject to a substantial amount of skepticism. Fast-forward 12 years, the duo today helms the company as its proud President, and CEO respectively, striving to...

L-glutamine Therapy Making Strides in Diabetes Treatment
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Dr. Yutaka Niihara, CEO and Chairman, Emmaus Life Sciences

Improvements found in L-glutamine therapy are hoping to add a safe and effective treatment for diabetes. FREMONT, CA: “While working with sickle cell patients using L-glutamine, we have discovered numerous other potential benefits of...

Five ways Artificial Intelligence can Drive Efficiency and Empower People in Healthcare
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Ben Newton, Chief Digital Officer, GE Healthcare Life Sciences

It’s time to stop tiptoeing around applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the development and manufacturing of therapeutic drugs. If we use this tool carefully and thoughtfully, we will bring benefits to researchers, clinicians, and...

Healthcare Transformation and our Journey to a New World
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Tim Tindle, EVP & CIO, Harris Health System

Background As the safety net health system supporting Harris County, Texas, Harris Health System has provided essential medical services to the underserved of its community for more than 50 years. Harris County is the third most populous...

Analytics Process Improvement
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Mark Ziemianski, VP-Business Analytics, Children’s HealthSM

With the proliferation of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems across the healthcare industry over the last decade, healthcare institutions now have more data (and data mining tools) at their fingertips...

The Growing Importance of Supply Chain Collaboration in Life Science
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Gustavo Salem, Group President at IDEX Health & Science LLC

A recent Forbes Insights Survey of 180 life science, aviation/ aerospace and pharmaceuticals executives found that 68 percent believe that active and meaningful engagement with suppliers is essential to success. The report based on this survey,...

Pharmaceuticals Move into Internet of Medical Things
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Josh Stein, Co-Founder & CEO, AdhereTech

If you were to make an informal list of the most revolutionary, transformative, and successful companies of the past decade, which ones would you name? Chances are, you’d select powerhouse tech firms like Google, Apple, Facebook,...

Points of Focus for CIOs to Succeed in the Next Decade and Beyond
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Dr. Joseph Frassica, CMIO/CTO, Patient Care and Monitoring Solutions, Philips Healthcare

CIOs at small, but rapidly growing life sciences and health care companies have a lot on their plates: they’re juggling multiple priorities and trying to outpace the competition, all while their businesses go through positive, but...

The Real Value of Big Data in Life Sciences is Confidence
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Sid Nair, VP & GM, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Dell Services

Until recently, the validity of the results from statistical modeling rested upon meeting the model’s underlying assumptions and whether the sample accurately represented the whole population. Cost, lack of compute ability and the slow speed...

CIOs: Solution Providers in C-suite
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Rajeev Nair, VP & CIO, Jubilant Pharmaceuticals

IT to Homogenize and Integrate Key Processes Life Sciences organizations are known to grow through rapid acquisitions. Using IT as a strategic tool to homogenize and integrate the various key processes for each new acquired entity without...

Using Technology to Increase R&D Productivity in the Life Sciences Sector
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Dr. Jaqui Hodgkinson, VP-Product Development, Pharma & Life Sciences, Elsevier R&D Solutions

Successful drug discovery and development relies upon access to accurate, trusted and reliable data at every stage of the research process. This is particularly important in the early discovery and pre-clinical stages. In the early phases of life...

How Organ-on-chips can Boost New Drug Discovery
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The scientists at Ulsan National Institute Science and Technology, South Korea are currently developing human organs-on-chips in collaboration with the Ulsan metropolitan city. With these chips, scientists aim to drive down the time as well as the...

Refining Strategies to Ace Data Challenge
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Greg Woff, CIO, University of Massachusetts Medical School

Balancing technology services for our customers is a tremendous challenge. Figuring out where to invest scarce IT funds has always been difficult. In Life Sciences, the confluence of protected data (PHI) and ‘big data’ creates an even...

Technology Touches Every Aspect of the Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences Industry
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Michael Swanick, Global Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Industry Leader, PwC

Technological advances, empowered consumers, disruptive new entrants, and rising demand by an aging population are ushering in a new era in healthcare—what we at PwC call the “New Health Economy.” While many of these trends have...

The Game Changing Innovation of Drug Discovery and Development
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Kurt R. Nielsen, President, Lupin Pharmaceuticals

The convergence of vast stores of purposefully collected electronic data, ever increasing computing power, and sophisticated “AI like” software present us with many of the essential ingredients of game changing innovation in drug...

No Drug Can Save the Ailing Data Warehouse, but There is a Prescription for Life after Its Death
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Christopher Ferrara, Senior Director, Industry Solutions, Qlik

In this fast paced and cost-conscious industry, few Life Sciences companies have the appetite to spend millions of dollars or wait for months to access something that is all around us–data. Information is the basis of every decision we make...

Technological Edge in Life Science Sector
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Silji Abraham, VP & CIO, MilliporeSigma

Expectations of an Executive The biggest challenge is the failure of enterprise software companies to transform themselves at the rate consumerization occurs in software technology. The extent of innovation in user experience by the enterprise...
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