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Copy & Art Advertising: Taking Pharma Marketing to an Entirely New Level
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Elena Rivera-Cheek, Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Among the top 10 Pharma Marketing Solution Providers, Copy & Art is a boutique digital firm that specializes in customer-focused pharmaceutical marketing for patient, provider, and payer audiences in addition to other healthcare sectors. The...

BioPharm Communications: Omnichannel Approach to Engaging Healthcare Providers
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Jeff Persinger, President & CEO

BioPharm Communications provide tools and services to transform the pharmaceutical marketing scenario. The multi-channel approach comprises of several platforms for ensuring a smooth communication of data from both first-party and third-party...

83bar: A Patient Engagement Strategy That Produces Tech company tackles the challenge of converting patients to active healthcare consumers
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Robert Baurys, CEO

Provides a concierge platform to help move passive patients to active healthcare consumers

GemSeek: Unlocking the Value of Data to Guide Decision-Making
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Petko Tinchev, CEO

It is a merger of two very complementary domains: market research and insights, and data analytics. GemSeek helps healthcare institutions to acquire in-depth knowledge of the usage and acceptance of medicine among target audience and executive...

Agfa-Labs: The Winners' Choice for Material and Coating Research
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Frank Ruttens, Key Account Manager

Core Life Analytics provides life scientists the access to powerful and easy to use web-based data analytics tools, allowing them to rapidly and independently, mine their high content and high throughput data. They offer a secure cloud-deployed...

BioPharm Communications: Omnichannel Approach to Engaging Healthcare Providers
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Jeff Persinger, President & CEO

BioPharm Communications develops and delivers omnichannel marketing campaigns to HCPs in support of pharma/biotech brands

Healx: Finding Treatments for Rare Diseases with AI
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Dr. Tim Guilliams, CEO & Co-founder

Provides an advanced AI platform, Healnet to find treatments for rare diseases, more quickly, cheaply, and efficiently than conventional drug discovery methods

StayinFront: Enhancing Field Reps' Effectiveness
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Ken Arbadji, VP of Sales, North America

Delivers products that have been specifically designed for the pharmaceutical industry to help field reps and managers perform better and maximize their time in the field

Domino Data Lab: Imbuing Innovation In Model-Driven Businesses
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Nick Elprin, Co-Founder & CEO

Offers a novel open data science platform that is focused on helping data science teams accelerate development and delivery of high impact models

Vizient, Inc.: Unleashing Optimized Healthcare Supply Chains
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Byron Jobe, President & CEO

Vizient Savings Actualyzer is an integrated opportunity engine, which is connected to a dynamic, single data source to give a repeatable, reliable, and flexible framework

Framework Solutions: Quality and Compliance in Promotional & Medical Review
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Chris Taylor, President and Co-Founder

Framework Solutions provides superior Promotional & Medical Review services to pharmaceutical and life science companies with a focus on quality, efficiency, and compliance

BatchMaster: Intuitive ERP for Process Manufacturing
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Sahib Dudani, President & CEO

Helps formula-based manufacturers streamline their operations and scale production while reducing costs

Enablon: Building Sustainable, Safer Environments
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Philippe Tesler, Co-founder & CEO

Offers leading edge Sustainability, EHS and Operational Risk Management Software solutions

StayinFront, Inc.: Do More, Know More and Sell More
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Graham Hislop, MD

StayinFront provides a full suite of mobile, cloudbased field force effectiveness and CRM solutions for life science organizations

Atachi Systems: Cloud-Based MES Platform for Manufacturing Companies
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Mekala Rao, President

Creating fully integrated MES software that is quick and easy to deploy, minimizes costs, and maximizes profit

SYSPRO: Manufacturing. Streamlined.
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Brian Stein, CEO, SYSPRO USA

An approximately four decades old firm that offers market leading ERP solutions that take multi-geographical deployment to the next level

SHYFT Analytics: Enterprise Cloud to Transform Healthcare Data into Actionable Insights
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Zack King, CEO and Co-Founder

Designed for healthcare, the SHYFT Platform is the fastest way to transform clinical and commercial data into novel insights and achieve significant scale and agility

Sales Performance International: Unique Sales Performance Optimization Solutions
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Brad Ansley, Director of Global Life Sciences Practice

A global sales performance improvement firm, helping the world’s leading organizations drive predictable revenue and profitability by optimizing sales performance

DDi: Strengthening Clinical Data Management
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Mahesh Malneedi, President

DDi assists its clients with an exclusive mix of functional and domain expertise to provide the technology requirements of global clients.

Framework of Three Horizons to Manage Current and Future Growth
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Clark Golestani, VP & CIO, Merck

The healthcare industry has weathered many shifts over the last few decades, but the one we are facing today could very well be the most dramatic— especially if you are in Information Technology. In the past, IT was rarely on the front lines...