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Smart Infrastructure for Supply Chain Management
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Daniel Cavallin, CIO, Celistics

The term “logistics” has its roots in the Roman military, but when we talk about “supply chain”, it is a relatively new term, dating back to the 1980s. It is essential to understand the concept first before innovating or...

Clinical and Financial Services Embracing the Power of Predictive Analytics
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During the recent past, the healthcare industry has experienced a wide variety of innovations. A lot has been said about the healthcare industry’s development, especially the discovery of predictive analytics. The intelligent use of...

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) in Healthcare Ecosystem
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Nilesh Patkar, CIO, NaviMedical

All over the globe, healthcare organizations and all participants in the healthcare ecosystem are increasingly making IT investments to improve their care delivery, efficiency, capabilities and at the same time to optimize their operational...
Top 10 Clinical Data Management Solution Providers 2017