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Lixoft: Enabling Model-based Drug Development
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Jonathan Chauvin, CEO

Develops modeling and simulation software for population analysis, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics (PK/PD), and other complex biochemical and physiological processes

NTM Consulting Services, Inc.: Revolutionizing Research Compliance and Operations
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Naji Mourad, President and CTO

A full-service provider of intuitive research management software solutions for the Life Sciences industry

Certara: A Game-Changer in Drug Development
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Dr. Edmundo Muniz, CEO

Offers applications and service that span the process from drug discovery to pre-clinical and clinical testing that ensure that decisions are made with solid data

IsoPlexis: Breaking New Ground In Immunotherapy, One Cell At a Time
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Sean Mackay, CEO

Provides novel technologies aiding the revolution of immunotherapy for cancer treatment

Forte: Ensuring Value-Based Clinical Trials
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Shree Kalluri Founder, CEO, President & Chief Customer Officer

Provides clinical trial management, clinical data management and research administration for cancer centers, academic medical centers, and health systems to unleash their research potential

Gobalto: Dismantling Silos by Embracing Business Intelligence
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Jae Chung, Founder & President

Workflow-based technology is critical in the clinical trial continuum, encouraging process optimization, facilitating communications, breaking down organizational silos, and enhancing operational performance and quality

PierianDx: Breaking New Ground In Ngs
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Rakesh Nagarajan, Founder & CEO

Translates complex genomic data into actionable clinical insights to advance precision medicine

Transcriptic: Transforming Drug Discovery with Robotic Cloud Laboratory Solutions
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Yvonne Linney, CEO

Delivers a revolutionary remote access automated cellular and molecular biology platform that enables scalable life science research, with flexibility and precision

Genohm: The Guide to a Lab's Digital Journey
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Frederik Decouttere, CEO

Through its digital platform, SLIMS, Genohm provides laboratories with a seamless, integrated LIMS + ELN environment

Abbott Informatics: Transforming the Way Lab Works
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Miles D. White, Chairman and CEO

Offering world-class Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) to collect, handle, and interpret the data needed to get a product to market more quickly

Novaseek Research: Transforming Biomedical Research and Drug Development
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Dr. Kate Torchilin, CEO

Novaseek is transforming how biomedical and clinical researchers access real-world clinical data and human biospecimens

MDDX: Revealing Stories from Research Data
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Dan Gebow, Co-founder & CEO

Develops applications to help organizations gain their insights from the data, for the decades beyond datalock

Medrio: Accelerating Clinical Studies
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Ray Letulle, COO & Head of Product

Medrio offers fast, simple and affordable eClinical solutions that drastically reduce study timelines

Acceliant: Real-time eClinical Trial Management Solution
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Vivek Gupta, Worldwide VP, Sales

Acceliant’s eClinical Trial Management solution helps the clinical trial space better manage patient data and trial workflow

Trial By Fire Solutions - SimpleTrials: Bringing Transparency to eClinical Technology
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Jon Cecchettini, Co-founder & CTO

Developer of flexible, intuitive, and powerful clinical trial management systems

ExtraView Corporation: Redefining a Proactive Workflow
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Carl Koppel, CEO and Founder

Provides the ExtraView enterprise platform for pharma business process automation, compliance with healthcare regulations, third party product integration and more

Veeva Systems [NYSE:VEEV]: Breathing Cloud into Pharma
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Peter Gassner, Founder & CEO

Provider of industry cloud solutions designed to help life sciences companies with some their most critical functions

Core Informatics: Unified Data Management Platform
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Josh Geballe, CEO

Offers collaborated data management and R&D platform for Pharmaceutical companies

Quality Manufacturing Systems Inc.: Automated Pharmacy Solutions
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Edward Stinnett, President

Provides innovative solutions to the automated pharmacy industry through software, control systems, machine design, and turnkey manufacturing

Open Systems, Inc.: Alleviating Compliance Pressures with Effective Solutions
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Michael Bertini, CEO

Provides adaptable ERP, accounting, and business software solutions for companies in a wide array of industries including—manufacturing, distribution, not-for-profit, and many more

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