Top Business or Technology Predictions for 2021

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Top Business or Technology Predictions for 2021

Xie Weidong, CEO, DM intelligenceXie Weidong, CEO,DM intelligence
2020 has been a tough year, we believe 2021 will be better and easier with more happy moments and less difficulties.

According to our corporate development strategy, we will pay more attentions to the big data, drug pipelines and global collaboration in 2021.

Major technology breakthrough---“Big Data”

As we have seen, data is what drive successful observations in the application of AI in drug discovery. The generation of data can sometimes be both difficult, expensive and time-consuming. Not only do we have to use expensive materials to chemical synthesis, but we also have the cost and time of biological test.

Over the past three years, DM Intelligence has taken advantage of technique used in state of art machine learning model to increase throughput and reduce associated expenses in making and assaying compounds. And some important additional improvements will be made in these aspects and drive optimization of these challenges in this area next year.
First, the algorithm efficiency improvement will increasingly streamline the process from existing data to augmented data of data augmentation. Second, high-quality data also important. Data accuracy is an important components of data quality which is essential in building quality models that objectively influence decision making. Data quality manager, data analysts, and algorithm scientists are now mainly responsible for fixing data quality problem in the company. Ideally, we want to everyone in the project responsible for it.

Pursuing further development

As a biopharmaceutical company, DM Intelligence dedicate to the R&D and commercialization of novel drug candidates. Our medicines in development are classified into three categories: neoplastic, neurological and infective. Next year, our pipeline development priorities are focused on targets in the following indications: Parkinson's disease (PD), Prostate cancer and healthcare–associated infection (HAI). The content of our drug pipeline will change over time as new projects progress from basic research to clinical development.

Creating strong collaboration.

Drug R&D is an extremely complex and expensive process. Academic and independent research institutions, biopharma, biotech and government play critical and complementary roles in this process. With remarkable development of life sciences research, the role played by drug discovery tools and technology have become increasingly. As an integrated solution provider for pharmaceutical sector, DM Intelligence focuses on drug discovery. Besides continually maintaining and improving robust partnerships with domestic pharma companies, we will set up global collaboration projects this year.
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