2021 Predictions Schulte bagtainer systems GmbH

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2021 Predictions Schulte bagtainer systems GmbH

Florian Mielke, Sales Manager, Schulte bagtainer systems GmbHFlorian Mielke, Sales Manager,Schulte bagtainer systems GmbH
Despite all the challenges and the exceptional economic situation, 2020 was a very successful business year for bagtainer. Due to the Corona pandemic and the resulting higher demand for our products as well as a restructured distribution, bagtainer was able to sell more products and support the research for a vaccine. This trend will continue in 2021, and the company's growth will be used for investments and optimization. Construction of a new, more modern production hall already began at the end of 2020, and the building will be completed in mid-2021 and will double the company's production area. The focus in 2021 will be on innovation and quality management in order to deliver an even better product. To this end, there will also be personnel changes in quality management, the team will be expanded and will follow much stricter quality standards in the future. With the expansion of the production area, the team in manufacturing is also growing. New tools and newly installed workstations will increase the production speed while maintaining the same level of quality.

Another focus is on the topic of automation. Although our products are mainly manufactured by hand to ensure high quality, individual processes are simplified and optimized by the acquisition of new, more modern machines.
This also includes the integration of new software to further improve production. The focus of our products continues to be on stainless steel containers for single use biopharmaceutical production. The high quality bagtainer is the perfect protection for single use bags ranging in size from 20 to more than 3000 liters. Our containers are used for the storage of liquids in single use bags, but also for internal and worldwide transport. The bags are always well protected and hosed. We will also continue to manufacture racks and baffles for other single use products, such as holders for filters and electronic attachments. Our specialty is custom stainless-steel construction, our products are built by certified welders and engineers at the request of our customers. Since many of our products are used in clean rooms, we place great emphasis on high-quality, smooth surfaces and the best materials.

Cooperation with our customers is extremely important to us, because only in this way can we develop a product that both meets the demands for quality and is convincing in everyday use. Due to the high-quality workmanship and the use of the best materials, our bagtainer is a product that will last a long time. Compared to plastic products from other manufacturers, a bagtainer can be used for a much longer time and can withstand rough handling, for example during transport. Other products are cheaper, but do not have nearly as good durability. In addition, stainless steel is almost completely recyclable and therefore more sustainable than comparable plastic products.

Bagtainer will launch new, better products in 2021 and looks forward to working with customers and partners to make biopharmaceutical work easier and safer. We will provide better service to our customers, from development to manufacturing, the customer will experience a transparent, effective process with us.
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