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ActiGraph: Comprehensive Objective Monitoring Solutions

CIO VendorJeremy Wyatt, CTO & Senior VP
The technology behind validated activity and sleep monitoring hardware and software solutions has come a long way since the United States Military commissioned a device to study the physical activity levels of troops in the field in 1988. ActiGraph’s formation in 2004 was the product of nearly two decades of innovations in the space to provide objective data about activity and sleep behavior in real world environments. The company spent the next decade developing hardware and software solutions to support the rigorous needs of academic research organizations around the world. Thousands of peer-reviewed publications later, ActiGraph is now bringing its clinically validated solutions to the pharmaceutical industry as an innovative approach to real-time monitoring in clinical drug trials. “Our mission today is to provide these robust solutions to our clients to help improve clinical trial efficiency and patient outcomes,” says Jeremy Wyatt, CTO and Senior VP, ActiGraph.

ActiGraph’s technology ecosystem can be tailored to the specific needs of CROs and sponsors to provide integrated solutions for even the most complex studies. CentrePoint, ActiGraph’s cloud-based logistics platform, simplifies technology deployment, while optimizing the value of mHealth in clinical trials by providing access to near real-time patient data using an innovative cellular data hub. The ActiGraph team is working to make CentrePoint a single point of data collection for both their activity monitors and other sensors, making the data even more meaningful.

A key differentiator for the ActiGraph product suite is the ability to capture real-time, real-world data that helps clinical and research teams to analyze patient behaviors and make quick and well-informed decisions. ActiGraph solutions not only provide an efficient and cost-effective means of collecting data, but they also optimize the capabilities of the involved research or clinical teams.

Our mission is to provide the solutions that allow our customers to improve clinical trial efficiency and patient outcomes

“Our tools provide the mechanisms that allow those teams to quickly identify compliance issues and/or changes in physical activity and sleep behaviors and contact the patient, site or CRO before the next visit,” says Wyatt.

The importance of collecting useful and validated data is something the data collection industry has battled with for decades. A surplus of data is collected in clinical trials, and clinical teams often fall into a labyrinth of navigating through useless information to find the meaningful data. ActiGraph’s system aims to bridge this gap in data collection by strictly targeting relevant endpoints for each study and tracking compliance and effects in near real time.

ActiGraph has worked with the world’s leading academic and research institutions, such as Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and Vanderbilt, to advance the understanding of how sleep and activity can be quantified in the face of a wide range of variables such as populations, disease states and ages. “For nearly 13 years, we’ve helped teams like the National Institute of Health (NHANES study) and the German Health Study (NAKO study) move the needle on both population health and disease by understanding the impacts of physical activity and sleep,” adds Wyatt.

The future for ActiGraph’s product suite is paved with multiple iterations and innovation. “We believe that our cellular powered CentrePoint Data Hub can circumvent in-home patient technology issues by eliminating the need to install apps on smartphones, train patients on those apps, and plan for the various operating systems that are out there.” The Data Hub, aimed at simplifying the entire process of integrating data, gives ActiGraph the opportunity to bypass site-level IT restrictions that often prevent the installation of wearable-specific software on site computers. Per Wyatt, “We believe that eventually our data will integrate with other sources like EMR, genomic, and ePRO data to really improve drug development and patient care.”
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