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Aroga Biosciences,Inc: Delivering Highly Experienced Regulatory Writing Services

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Krithi Rao Bindal, Founder, Aroga Biosciences,Inc.Krithi Rao Bindal, Founder
In the pharmaceutical industry, improving the speed and efficiency of new drug approvals has become the top priority as it is the key to success. This process largely relies on the quality of documentation submitted to the regulatory authorities, and a high standard of medical writing plays a vital role in ensuring a positive outcome. However, the changing market dynamics, expiring patents, and depleted product pipelines exert pressure on pharmaceutical companies to outsource activities like writing scientific and regulatory documents to enhance drug development cycle time.

While pharma and biotech companies look for a reliable regulatory medical writing service provider who can effectively manage complete submissions and communicate with regulators, Aroga Biosciences emerges as a perfect partner.

A renowned CRO, Aroga Biosciences is dedicated to providing professional regulatory medical writing and submission services for biotech and pharma projects. The company works with various teams to create and manage scientific data and communicate them effectively to the FDA, EMA, and other regulatory agencies. Aroga’s document types include but are not limited to clinical, regulatory, safety, and CMC, among others.

Krithi Rao Bindal, M.S, Ph.D, M.B.A founded the company in 2019. Having been in the biotech and pharma space for over 15 years, Krithi has gained immense experience and a scientific knowledge base. Leveraging this vast experience, she formed a team of scientists. The unique aspect about the company is that they have a team full of women scientists who truly represent the company’s mission. Abiding by their motto, ‘strength from science,’ the company is taking the scientific data (be it pre-clinical or clinical data) and presenting it to both regulators and the industry as a whole comprehensively.

“In a world where everything is constantly changing from regulatory strategy to scientific research, we are known for quality, f lexibility, and adaptability while completing the projects under stringent timelines,” states Krithi.

The company mainly works with organizations that specialize in drug products. “Our expertise spans cell therapy, gene therapy, and antibody therapeutics. We also have expertise in a variety of therapeutic areas such as oncology, immunology, autoimmune disease, infectious disease, and CNS disorders,” explains Krithi. One thing that sets Aroga apart is the team’s scientific background and the ability to take data and communicate it to many audiences.

In a world where everything is constantly changing from regulatory strategy to scientific research, we are known for quality, flexibility, and adaptability while completing projects under stringent timelines

When it comes to the company’s approach toward delivering services, Krithi says they are systematic in organizing what is needed for a given project to move forward while mapping out timelines and scheduling meetings with key stakeholders. Whether working on large submissions, clinical protocols, or other regulatory documents, Aroga’s team brings the agility and expertise to successfully and efficiently reach project goals.

With such unmatched strengths, Aroga has ignited several success stories since its inception. In one instance, the company helped a client complete an IND in two months. “We were extremely fast in picking it up, managing all the different pieces of the IND, managing several documents, pre-clinical studies, and working with third parties to get everything done within tight timeframe,” explains Krithi.

Concerning Aroga’s organizational culture, Krithi mentions how their team members’ passion has united them into one family. They have a dedicated QC team that focuses on ensuring quality project outputs. Several clients have given positive feedback about Aroga’s f lexibilty, regulatory knowledge, and high-quality services.

Aroga is a global company that plans to continue to enhance its client base to all different regions. The company takes pride in its ability to develop long-lasting client relationships powered by clear and efficient communication and the industry expertise of the company’s team.
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Aroga Biosciences,Inc.

San Diego, CA

Krithi Rao Bindal, Founder

A CRO provides highly experienced regulatory writing and submission services for biotech and pharmaceutical projects.

Aroga Biosciences,Inc.