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Jan 30 - Feb 1, 2023, San Francisco, CA

In the past year alone, the field has learnt valuable lessons from the clinical trials and from the wider TGF-β field that will equip the immuno-oncology field with the knowledge needed to supercharge future TGF-β monotherapy or combinational therapeutics for precision medicine. From uncovering the effects and production of TGF-β in immune, tumor and stromal cells to exploring predictive and pharmacodynamic TGF-β biomarkers for patient identification and assessing the clinical challenges that led to recent clinical failures, the 3rd TGF-β for Immuno-Oncology Drug Development Summit is your one-stop-shop dedicated to harnessing you with the knowledge to unlock the potential of successfully targeting TGF-β.

Drug Discovery and Development

DDR Inhibitors Summit 2023

Jan 24 - 26, 2023, Boston, MA

DNA damage response inhibition has amassed a lot of interest over the last decade as it exposes a massive vulnerability in cancer cells. This has a huge potential to treat many types of tumors such as breast and colorectal cancers, and even notoriously difficult-to-treat CNS tumors.

Drug Discovery and Development

15TH Clinical Trials Nexus 2022

Nov 21 - 22, 2022, Boston, MA

Clinical Trials Nexus Series is an invitation only, premium forum bringing like-minded people under one roof. We are helping to create connections that are truly beneficial to you. With our relentless focus on quality peer-to-peer discussion, high-level networking and partnering, intimate conference formats and a vetted, high-calibre audience, we help you Connect with Industry. Presentations span across the most complex areas of trial management including patient centricity, clinical trials outsourcing, decentralized trials /hybrid trials, digital trials, medical affairs, clinical stage collaborations and partnering opportunities.

Clinical Data Management

IOT Clinical Trials summit

Nov 15 - 16, 2022, Boston, USA

An ongoing shift towards Decentralized and Hybrid Clinical Trial models that leverage IoT connected devices and digital tools has continued to accelerate, gaining further buy-in from sponsors and patients alike.

Clinical Data Management

5th Pharma & Device Packaging and Labelling Forum

Nov 15 - 16, 2022, Boston, MA

Packaging innovation has had to accelerate at a faster rate than perhaps ever before in recent years to optimize drug delivery for pharma, healthcare professionals and patients alike – but it's necessary to keep up with medical advances, stay ahead of competition and accommodate the unique and differentiated needs of combination products, biologics, vaccines and other specialty medicines.

Pharma Packaging

2022 Opioid Abuse Management Forum

Nov 14 - 15, 2022, Orlando, FL

The opioid epidemic has gained national attention, and there has been increasing pressure on hospitals, health systems and health plans to effectively tackle this complex issue. Chronic pain affects a large number of Americans, and ineffective practices related to prescribing guidelines, prescription monitoring and provider education have led to an increase in opioid abuse/harm. hospitals, health systems and health plans must engage in efficient organizational strategies, enhanced provider education and safer prescription practices to effectively tackle the rise in opioid abuse.

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