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Flex Databases: Unified E-Clinical Platform Empowering Clinical Trials

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Evgenia Mikhalchuk, Director, Business Development & Marketing, Flex DatabasesEvgenia Mikhalchuk, Director, Business Development & Marketing
Accurate evaluation and monitoring of drug safety are crucial to preventing any unforeseen risks, thereby necessitating efficient pharmacovigilance (PV) across biotech and clinical research workflows. This renewed diligence across PV workflows enables organizations to steer clear of tedious, convoluted data input procedures and lackluster automation capabilities – an approach to managing clinical data that is standardized by industry leaders such as Flex Databases. Ensuring robust and compliant PV procedures throughout its unified platform, Flex Databases helps manage multiple data sets pertaining to the collection, triaging, evaluation, and submission of safety data in an automated fashion, minimizing human error.

To perform multi-fold tasks, including data collection and assessments in clinical trials, Flex Databases facilitates a BI (Business Intelligence) reporting tool that is designed to provide instant data accessibility for further interpretations and actions. The tool eliminates labor-intensive, repetitive data inputs required in performing critical undertakings such as planning and reporting. Additionally, it empowers clinical research enterprises with insights to gain increased visibility into study progress.

“Clinical trials have always been about data. But, prior to automation, data input was a major concern. For us, it is crucial to concentrate on whether the data is actually functional for everyone while also ensuring that its consumption is as simple as breathing,” says Evgenia Mikhalchuk, Director of business development and marketing, Flex Databases.
The company’s software solution is based on materializing this expression and providing a system for clinical trials that is automated, uncomplicated, and ensures compliant pharmacovigilance activities throughout all the trial stages. A highly comprehensive, flexible, and intuitive solution, the tool enables its users to meet the rapidly evolving requirements of clinical investigation, catalyzing the trials’ progress swiftly.

The company stands out distinctively in its approach to handling its clients’ clinical data management concerns earnestly, facilitating a transparent collaboration with them. It helped one of its clients in the research of COVID vaccines during the compelling times of the pandemic. The research required the integration of several data sets into Flex’s architecture while maintaining the system’s performance for search, analysis, and signal detection. Interestingly, during the course of this engagement, Flex Databases successfully aggregated hundreds of thousands of cases within its analysis system without hampering the efficiency of results obtained. The company demonstrated exception resilience and readiness through its solutions, especially during the testing times of the pandemic.

Clinical trials have always been about data. For us, it is crucial to concentrate on whether the data is actually functional for everyone while also maintaining that its consumption is as simple as breathing

Flex Databases’ geographical presence around the US, Canada, Australia, Europe, South Africa, and China enables the company to understand the specific needs of clients in each geography. Owing to such a broad comprehension, it has crafted its solution in a well-rounded, integrated, and transparent clinical data management package that enables clients to submit their safety data while managing the rest of work activities in real-time. The application aids in saving companies from missing deadlines or submitting incorrect versions of reports.

The all-in-one platform also offers robust backup and disaster recovery and data protection strategy, featuring distributed data storages. It uses cutting-edge technologies for improved safety data analysis and evaluation, assisting in the development of a pharmacovigilance procedure effortlessly. Through these versatile solutions and a thorough skill set to effectuate PV workflows, Flex databases plays a key role in the healthcare system through the assessment and discovery of interactions amongst drugs and their effects in humans.
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Flex Databases

Prague, Czech Republic

Evgenia Mikhalchuk, Director, Business Development & Marketing

Founded in 2011, Flex Databases presents a distinctive platform that allows combining traditional features related to the management of clinical trials with the functionality for handling pharma companies to regulate financial data, invoicing, and expenses.

Flex Databases