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3 Ways CMOs Can Help Pharmaceutical Companies Face Supply Chain Challenges

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Monday, August 10, 2020

Pharmaceutical companies are facing challenges, supply chain complexity, cost pressure, sustainability, and temperature control. Will CMOs and CDMOs be able to help them?

FREMONT, CA: With the increasing trend of virtual pharma supply chains, pharmaceutical sponsors are also viewing relationships with their contract manufacturing partners as not only crucial but also crucial to the success of their therapies.

Contract development and manufacturing organisations (CDMOs) and contract manufacturing organisations (CMOs) provide their expertise in the manufacturing and development of therapies and offer their pharmaceutical enterprises customers the opportunity to concentrate on their core competencies. These pharma partners can offer transformational value, and efficiently assist the pharma companies in bringing innovative therapies in the market. However, CDMOs and CMOs landscape is experiencing considerable consolidation, which is making it hard for the pharma industry to comprehend the explicit, value-creating differences between competing CMOs and CDMOs.

The following are some of the ways CMOs and CDMOs can help pharmaceutical companies to face some significant challenges.

Reusable packaging systems

Due to space and capacity limitations at CDMO/CMO facilities, temperature-control solutions need similar innovation and explicit thinking as today’s therapies. For this purpose, CDMOs and CMOs need to collaborate with thermal packaging companies, which can offer pre-conditioned and ready-to-load temperature-control packaging directly to their doorstep. Besides, it is best to seek thermal packaging partners since they can provide support to their needs with pre-conditioned, ready-to-load packaging throughout the CDMO/CMO network wherever they are residing in the world because of the global expansiveness of pharma supply chains.

End-to-end expertise

CMOs and CDMOs can lead and guide biopharma companies to impactful temperature-control strategies, which can create explicit value as they serve as an extension of the supply chain of pharma sponsors. After all, even the most secure and effective therapy will have a negligible impact on the lives of the patients if it does not reach the destination in a feasible condition.

Deeping partnerships, providing value

The customer-centric CMOs and CDMOs significantly impact the biopharma companies, which exhaust all their resources with innovative discovery and development of therapies. The ability of manufacturing products of high quality and ensuring temperature-control and visibility to the destination offers value to the biopharma companies that they seek from their partners. 

Thus, CDMOs and CMOs provide tremendous value to pharma clients and now also possess an opportunity to deliver true end-to-end service.

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