4 Key Privileges Private Cloud Storage Offers in Clinical Trials

4 Key Privileges Private Cloud Storage Offers in Clinical Trials

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Private cloud storage has recently become the talk of the town. What contributions can it make in clinical research?

FREMONT, CA: Technology is consistently evolving rapidly in the pharmaceutical industry. Though slow, but many healthcare institutions are presently transforming their legacy systems to include innovations such as cloud technology.

Many research companies are implementing private cloud as it helps in storing sensitive medical data to which only authorized people can have access.

Though many research teams are still debating over the private cloud to see if it is a suitable fit for the enterprise’s requirements, there are several privileges behind the private environment, which make it ideal for cloud-based clinical trials. The following is a rundown of various ways through which a private cloud can provide improvised clinical trial performance.


A private cloud offers extremely enhanced speed. A single organization’s studies operate on its own server. Therefore, the speed of loading and operating process is faster. The hardware of the system can be set up with the specifications that the organizations require instead of depending on the software vendor who might be restricted to what they are able to do with a public cloud based on software pricing models for the broader market.

Moreover, a private cloud empowers research teams to house data geographically closer to where the study is taking place. This makes it suitable for clinical trials or studies that are presently facing the issue of lag because of a faraway database.

Fewer expenses

The private cloud-based clinical trials are expected to see significant cost savings in the long run. Adoption of this cloud infrastructure for the enterprises running a higher volume of savings can become particularly cost-effective. More studies on the cloud will lead to more savings.

Enhanced security and data privacy

Private cloud storage equips clinical research with added security measures, which is beyond the already robust specifications of the latest shared cloud environments. Being an isolated database, the data which is only allocated by the enterprise will be stored.

Additionally, it is easy to choose a private cloud in location and can be set up in customized ways for the enterprises that require more robust security requirements. Besides, it empowers the internal IT team to take control of the monitoring and reporting.


For the enterprises anticipating growth in the studies that they will be conducting, scalability is a significant consideration. Another factor is the data amount they will require to store. It is very vital to possess the ability to increase the storage amount. Similarly, being able to downsize as per the requirement empowers the organization to run at less cost.

Private clouds have considerable benefits to offer. So healthcare organizations, which have not yet adopted it, should implement it as soon as possible.

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