A Step Closer to Finding the Cancer Cure

A Step Closer to Finding the Cancer Cure

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Vaccines are an immunotherapy type. Research on cancer vaccines has been carried out for over 50 years. There are numerous research teams worldwide involved in this process. Researchers believe that there is a possible cancer vaccine that stops further cancer growth, prevents cancer from returning, and destroys any cancer cells left behind after other treatments.

Researchers at the Universite de Montreal’s Institute of Immunology and Cancer Research (IRIC) have shown that a vaccine can treat cancer. They also demonstrated that the vaccine could become highly efficient, non-invasive, and cost-effective cancer control instrument. The IRIC team was able to identify many antigens derived from the non-coding portion of DNA with different cancer cell types injected into the mice. The various antigens identified were specific to cancer cells and common to various cancer types.

This allowed the team to develop a leukemia-based vaccine containing some of the antigens that were injected into mice. The results were extremely encouraging. Each antigen tested by the team eliminated 10 to 100 percent of leukemia, where some of the antigens protected the mouse for its entire life, although new leukemia cells were reinjected. This indicates a long-lasting effect.

Similar antigens were later found in human leukemia cells. These findings from the IRIC team would create the opportunity to develop leukemia and lung cancer vaccines in humans. The team believes that in the next two or three years of clinical trials with humans could begin.

It is expected that all other types of cancer will also be controlled by the fact that the vaccine has proved effective in treating leukemia, which is caused by a small number of mutations. It would be a cost-effective way to save lives to develop therapeutic cancer vaccines for the antigens identified by the IRIC team.

By making the treatment for this dreadful disease much easier, many side effects of chemotherapy were limited. Technology involvement in the research helps the researchers greatly. The technology is capable of improving cancer immunotherapy precision, leading to better outcomes and reducing harmful side effects.

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