Absolute Antibody Introduces SeqPack Hybridoma Preservation Kit

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Absolute Antibody Introduces SeqPack Hybridoma Preservation Kit

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Friday, September 25, 2020

Absolute Antibody Ltd. has announced the availability of the SeqPack„¢ Hybridoma Preservation Kit to streamline the process of sample submission. 

FREMONT, CA: Absolute Antibody Ltd. is a leading provider of recombinant antibody products and services in the healthcare industry. The company has announced the availability of the SeqPack Hybridoma Preservation Kit. The solution can streamline the process of sample submission for hybridoma sequencing customers all around the world. Moreover, the kit can save customers time and money by reducing the requirement to ship hybridoma cells on dry ice.

Absolute Antibody provides hybridoma sequencing services so that it can protect valuable antibodies from mutation or loss. It will allow antibody engineering and recombinant expression. The new kit also permits the customers to submit their hybridoma cells for sequencing without dry ice transport. They can add their cells directly in a container used for preservation media, which will instantly stabilize the cells’ gene expression profile. The container can then be shipped at room temperature. Therefore, the system will decrease shipping expenses, simplified packaging logistics, and even reduce environmental footprint.

According to Ian Wilkinson, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer at Absolute Antibody, “The new kit makes hybridoma sequencing as convenient as possible for our customers, streamlining the sample submission process for scientists around the world. The Absolute Antibody team is committed to advancing recombinant antibody technology, and our hope is that efforts such as this new kit will enable easier and wider access to recombinant antibody services.”

The SeqPack Hybridoma Preservation Kit is mainly useful for sequencing contaminated hybridoma cell lines because it can preserve any intact cells and stops the infection from spreading. However, the traditional dry ice submission can still be an option for consumers who prefer it. The customers can send their hybridoma cells to the nearest Absolute Antibody facility. They will have to choose between North East England or Boston, Massachusetts.

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