ActiGraph Collaborates with VivoSense to Protect Sensor Data,...

ActiGraph Collaborates with VivoSense to Protect Sensor Data, Reorienting Clinical Trials

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Jeremy Wyatt, CTO & Senior VP

FREMONT, CA: The technology behind the validated activity and sleep monitoring hardware and software solutions have come a long way. The importance of collecting useful and validated data is something the data collection industry has battled with for decades. Occupying the front seat ActiGraph announces its collaboration with VivoSense, an analytics specialist, to enhance access to sensor data of patients participating in pharmaceutical clinical trials. 

ActiGraph specializes in offering medical-grade wearable technology and sleep-monitoring solutions. VivoSense, the company with which ActiGraph has partnered is a regulatory compliant, cloud-based platform for the analysis of wearable sensor data. It provides pharmaceutical sponsors with secure access to contextualized sensor data, metadata, analyzed, and raw signals. ActiGraph's class-leading wearable activity monitoring sensors provide pharmaceutical companies with unparalleled levels of continuous, high-resolution physiologic data. The collection and accurate analysis of these biometric data streams are vital in today's clinical research and help to accelerate study enrollment and patient engagement.

With this partnership, ActiGraph is expected to enhance its capabilities. By combining its world-leading activity and sleep monitoring with other physiological measures, high-tech collaboration provides valuable context to all clinical trials measures. ActiGraph is recognized as one of the top 10 eClinical trial management solution providers. Talking about their work, Jeremey Wyatt, CTO and senior VP, ActiGraph says "Our mission today is to provide these robust solutions to our clients to help improve clinical trial efficiency and patient outcome." The company has worked in association with world-leading academic and research institutions to study and understand the quantification of activities in the face of variables like age, population and diseases. 

ActiGraph's FDA-cleared wearable actigraphy monitors and robust analytics platform have been widely used to resolve complexities resulted from navigating through a labyrinth of information. In recent years, the company's monitoring solutions have been steadily adopted by pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations seeking to capture real-world objective outcomes related to physical activity, mobility, and sleep behaviour for patients enrolled in clinical trials. "Our tools provide the mechanisms that allow those teams to quickly identify compliance issues and/or changes in physical activity and sleep behaviors and contact the patient, site or CRO before the next visit," adds Wyatt. 

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