AI Wearable to Impact Neurological Disorder Research

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AI Wearable to Impact Neurological Disorder Research

Pharma Tech Outlook | Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Artificial intelligence (AI), the technology of tomorrow has already started to show it affects in today’s era. This booming technology is stretching its arms dynamically and making a huge impact on every sector. One such impact can be noticed in the medical field as well where the inventors have come up with the new AI wearable which is said to be capable of monitoring and tracking the human brain for a neurological disorder. It has been made possible with the technique named as ‘Electrooculography’, which is incorporated in smart glasses making them efficient to measure electrical potential across the particular points on the skin around the eyes during eye movement.

The Artificial Intelligence wearable consists of a small battery encased in one the temples; the electronics, which includes a Bluetooth antenna housed in the other. The smart glasses are able to carry out the monitoring with the help of five dry contact electrodes: two on the temples, two on nose pads and one attached to the bridge of the glasses. The electronics included in the smart glasses will record the data with every eye movement and this data will be helpful in providing health benefits to the human race by predicting the diseases at their very early stages.

Neurological disorders like Parkinson and Alzheimer often show abnormal eye movements as a symptom. Already there has been research to utilize eye movement tracking technology to help diagnose and monitor the progression of these disorders. Traditional technology uses cameras which are bulky and consume high amount of electrical and computing powers. Although the results produced by them are accurate but the inventors of the AI wearable believes that incorporating this technology in research will give a completely new experiences and will dig deeper in overcoming from the neurological disorders.

The introduction of AI and its components like augmented reality and virtual reality are revolutionizing the health sector as well. Their immersive experience will bring out a whole new angle to treatment of diseases. The smart glasses can be great help in incorporating this tech in research and will be able to deliver predictive and finer health benefits to our race.

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