AI-Enabled Digital Scanner for Actionable Insights

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AI-Enabled Digital Scanner for Actionable Insights

Pharma Tech Outlook | Thursday, September 17, 2020

Good news for pathologists as the new AI-enabled digital scanner can now automatically identify and analyze the tissue simultaneously.  

FREMONT, CA: OptraSCAN®, a leading end-to-end digital pathology solution provider has launched OS-SiA, a new generation AI-enabled digital scanner. The scanner automatically identifies regions to scan and simultaneously analyze the tissue or cell areas. OS-SiA is the industry's first AI-driven digital scanner that will provide real-time predictive analytics and actionable insights.

Digital Pathology scanners that are usually found in the market are restricted to whole/partial side image digitization and acquisition of slide into an image. To overcome such the thought of inventing a next-gen scanner - OS-SiA was born. AI-based classification modules and complicated image processing algorithms are embedded in the scanner itself,

eliminating the need for additional processing applications. Pathology has transitioned to the next level, allowing to the technology advancements.

The main objective of OptraSCAN® for introducing OS-SiA is to ease the work of histopathologists. They can now view the scanned/digitized image along with analyzed output as an overlay during their review process. OS-SiA is highly flexible and customizable scanners that can be embedded in OptraSCAN's existing series of cloud-enabled 15-120 slide brightfield scanners namely OS-15 & OS-120. The analyzed information acts as a reference heatmap that guides the end-users to get a high-level view of the tumor and other areas of importance. The digitized images taken from OS-SiA can be viewed in web-based, local, mobility-based image viewer.

OS-SiA provides algorithm framework to algorithm developers to seamlessly integrate external algorithms. Driven by artificial intelligence, OS-SiA scanner is one such innovative creation that is specifically designed, keeping in mind, the ease of operation for the pathologists

OptraScan is an on-demand digital pathology solution provider that focuses on producing affordable and different pathology solutions. It concentrates on delivering amply integrated Digital Pathology solutions that maximize quality, affordability, efficiency, and throughput of customers' pathology labs. OptraSCAN gives a complete whole slide image solution system via an on-demand pay-per-use program to make digital pathology convenient to all. 

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