Anesthesia Associates NW's New Deployment for Improving Anesthetics

Anesthesia Associates NW's New Deployment for Improving Anesthetics

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The partnership to bring efficient anesthesia information management solution to various endoscopy Centers.

FREMONT, CA: Despite remarkable growth and understanding of anesthetic functionalities, the lack of informative outlooks from previous patient’s records makes the work of doctors and surgeons very challenging. In addition to the restricted knowledge, inability to efficiently provide dosage may lead to toxic environments, and eventually result in health malfunctions. However, with the successful implementation of anesthesia information, an extension of efficient management solution will fill the void of conventional difficulties.

The collaboration of Anesthesia Associates NW (AANW) with Plexus Technology Group (Plexus TG) is a step toward implementing the anesthesia information management system (AIMS) in various endoscopy centers. The mobility offered by the Anesthesia Touch platform will enable a flexible data-driven clinical environment. Furthermore, the partnership will expand the business needs of   Anesthesia Associates NW.

With the alliance, AANW has gained a technological partner in clinical management ecosystem. Having acquired the revenue cycle management solution, AANW can perform innovative functions. Additionally, with the integration of Anesthesia Business Consulting (ABC) services, AANW will offer unique solutions to healthcare enterprises.

AANW has skillfully integrated Plexus TG and ABC in its system, for performing customizable and autonomous solutions. Form efficient processing of clinical records to automated compliance with quality management platforms, the combination of ABC and Plexus TG can solve a vast array of problems.

For delivering a clear revenue cycle management program, comprehensive documentation of patients, facilities, and insurance are required, which is mostly unavailable in conventional practices. However, with the deployment of Plexus TG and ABC, an ideal environment is created, which will not only help the healthcare companies but also provide an efficient AANW informative network. Efficient processing of clinical, administrative, quality and billing data can be achieved with the involvement of Plexus TG and ABC.

With the focus of restoring health to the ailing anesthesia department, AANW will reduce the innovative burdens from the researchers. Furthermore, integration of ABC’s platform will improve the possibilities of Anesthesia Touch systems. 

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