Avoiding Data Visualization Errors

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Avoiding Data Visualization Errors

Pharma Tech Outlook | Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Data analysis has become a prerequisite for business organizations. Companies rely vastly on the data analysis tools to gain insights into their business processes, helping them towards efficient business growth. Data visualization is another aspect of data analysis that produces excellent visuals for the analyzed data, making it easier to identify any potential problems and capitalize on trends that might be missed otherwise.

Data visualization simplifies massive amounts of information that can sometimes be confusing and complex for some individuals. However, a few hindrances like human errors, strict deadlines, and a few others can bar the data visuals in offering the required results. Here we will discuss a few of the mistakes that are common in data visualization:

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Useless Visualizing: Data visualization is a powerful tool, but it cannot provide effective visualization of incomplete and uncertain data. Organizations need to provide explicit data streams that can be used by the data visualization tools to offer an enhanced understanding to the users.

Wrong formats: Organizations should choose the type of visualization that suits there requirement. A uniform approach can sometimes fail as some data can offer great value with pie charts whereas, some might be appropriate to be used with a line graph. Enterprises should keep the endpoint in mind before choosing the format.

Lack of accuracy: data visualization is used to simplify the information which can sometimes be hard to decipher manually. However, an incorrect data stream can make matters worse for the company, as it can cause data visualization to be unpredictable and incomprehensible.

Overcomplicating things: Organizations often gets tempted to put too much information in an infographic material. These visualizations can be large and complicated, making it difficult for the customers to understand.

Counterintuitive arrangements: Counterintuitive arrangements can result in a customer’s lack of interest.  Organizations should aim to arrange their information in an intuitive manner like alphabetical, ascending or descending, and clockwise or counterclockwise.  These arrangements help to draw the reader’s attention towards the information.

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