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Beghou Consulting Simplifies Access to Mainsail Platform with a Mobile App

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Friday, March 27, 2020

Jason Keglovitz, Lead App Developer & Software Manager

The mobile application will offer seamless access to the configurable and cloud-based platform.

FREMONT, CA: Despite the technological advances in the pharmaceutical sector, many life sciences companies are facing challenges in the consolidation of prescription, claims, and payer data with other valuable information. To resolve the obstacles faced by these organizations, Beghou Consulting launched the Mainsail, a configurable and cloud-based application development platform.

The company recently released a mobile app to facilitate seamless access to Mainsail, enabling the customers to manage data, commercial tactics, and reporting, including customer profiles, sales data, call activity, field coaching reports, customer relationship management, targeting, affiliations management, alignment maintenance, sales and incentive compensation reporting, and event management.

Since its inception in 1993, Beghou Consulting has assisted life science and pharma companies in establishing and managing their commercial operations. Its cloud-based application platform Mainsail enables organizations to collect, organize, and deliver commercial data efficiently. The sales teams can leverage the solution to gather, and analyze critical information, including sales data and strategy plans. The company also deploys advanced analytics and proprietary technology to deliver strategic counsel to the leading pharmaceutical companies around the world.

Jason Keglovitz, lead app developer and software manager, Beghou Consulting said, “Our customers have already benefited from Mainsail’s ability to cater to their various data management needs, and this mobile app addresses yet another sales challenge. It provides reps instant access to data – even offline without an internet connection – and allows them to record customer interactions on the spot. This helps headquarters gather improved field intelligence and easily communicate feedback to the reps.”

The app offers instant access to data, enabling sales professionals to monitor customer interactions. It utilizes native device features, including user location for nearby customers, touch screen for signature capture, and camera for badge and card scanning. The iOS app can be downloaded from the App Store and grants access to the suite of capabilities offered by Mainsail. Beghou Consulting plans to update the iOS app parallel to the Mainsail platform.

“Data organization and collection is one of the pharmaceutical industry’s greatest commercial challenges, according to our 2019 Emerging Pharma Pulse Report,” Keglovitz said. “But those challenges aren’t limited to life sciences companies. Mainsail can benefit business-to-business sales teams across industries – whether consumer packaged goods, financial services, medical devices, hospitality, or transportation.”

Considering its contributions to the pharmaceutical industry, the company was named as one of the “Top 10 Analytics Consulting/Services Companies-2019 by the Pharma Tech Outlook Magazine.

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