Belimed's WD 290 Washer to Automate Cleaning Process

Belimed's WD 290 Washer to Automate Cleaning Process

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

CHARLESTON, CA: Belimed, supplier of innovative cleaning, disinfection and sterilization solutions for Medical and Life Science announced WD 290 Washer/disinfector along with robotic rack  that can be used for automated cleaning process for Intutive Surgical’s EndoWrist instruments. The instrument is exclusively built for the use with da Vinci Xi surgical systems and accessories for labour-saving automated cleaning processes.

The washer together with Xi robotic rack will maximize safety for patients and staff in most cost-effective way. The washer is available in different sizes to meet the needs of medical professionals which will act as a smart resource by streamlining workflow by applying stringent disinfection process. Belimed washers use an optimized volume flow, low impingement approach to ensure that the items to be cleaned are thoroughly soaked with consistent cleaning action.

Replacing the manual-based cleaning techniquesthe product offers complete automation process of washing, rinsing, decontamination and dry functions by reducing clinical time with improved facility. Due to its pass-through design, the WD 290 follows standardized SPD workflows, delivering decontaminated instruments straight to the clean-side without the need for special dirty-side handling or the potential for re-contamination.

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