Biomedcode Collaborates with George Kollias Lab to Introduce TgA86...

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Biomedcode Collaborates with George Kollias Lab to Introduce TgA86 Transmembrane

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Friday, November 13, 2020

Biomedcode, in collaboration with Kollias Lab, introduces the TgA86 transmembrane, a novel transmembrane TNF-driven mouse model of human spondyloarthritis.

FREMONT, CA: With a new publication in Arthritis Research and Therapy, titled“Ectopic bone formation and systemic bone loss in a transmembrane TNF-driven model of human spondyloarthritis,” Biomedcode in collaboration with George Kollias Lab introduce the TgA86 transmembrane TNF transgenic mouse as a new model of human spondyloarthritis (SpA).

The authors illustrate that the TgA86 mouse model generates spontaneously peripheral arthritis and axial pathologies that closely reproduce vital pathogenic features of human SpA, including different inflammation and ectopic new bone formation stages. This is a chronic, complicated disease model similar to human patients also develops extraarticular comorbidities like heart valve pathology and systemic bone loss. As with humans in the clinic, all the TgA86 mouse model pathologies are reversed following early treatment with anti-hTNF therapeutics.

This latest model of SpA that collects specific features and the complexity of human illness can prove to be an invaluable translational device in the study of SpA pathogenesis and the evaluation of human therapeutics.

For the drug development process, pre-clinical testing is the first step in obtaining vital evidence on the tested compound’s in vivo effectiveness, offering integral-insights that influence decisions saving time and money. Therefore, it is critical to use precision animal models that mimic the complexity of human pathologies. “We are supporting pharmaceutical and biotech companies across the globe to prime their drugs for success by providing custom-tailored quality pre-clinical services,” says Maria C. Denis, Chief Executive Officer at Biomedcode.

Today, Biomedcode strives to be the forerunner in scientific discovery in the field and plans to release organoids and microfluidic technology complementing its standardized pre-clinical platforms. Biomedcode is the ideal partner to provide quality services and customized solutions to the Pharma sector in alignment with its requirements for a more efficient and speedier drug development process. Biomedicode was featured in Pharma Tech Outlook as one of the Top CRO Consulting/Service Companies in Europe 2020.

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