BW Flexible Systems Launches TruFORM

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BW Flexible Systems Launches TruFORM

Pharma Tech Outlook | Wednesday, October 21, 2020

BW Flexible Systems has introduced TruFORM, which is the next generation of forming set technology for the flexible packaging market.

FREMONT, CA: BW Flexible Systems design and engineering teams have introduced TruFORM. It is the next generation of forming set technology for the flexible packaging market. TruFORM has been re-engineered from the ground up due to which it is lighter and more adept at handling various films, providing users with superior performance.

The forming set is an essential part of flexible packaging equipment. The machine can wrap the film around the set for forming it into bags while at the same time distributing products through the set into the newly formed bags. With the update of packaging machinery and new film materials in the marketplace, the forming set was due for an upgrade.

As forming sets are handled regularly in several locations to fulfill the rising changeover requirements, TruFORM utilizes the former BW Flexible Systems designs' strength and durability, but it is around 30 percent lighter.

As part of its revolutionary design, TruFORMs re-engineered former is the product of extensive research in forming set wing geometry. The updated technology enhances the film handling, permitting the users to decrease wasted film, effort, and time during packaging operations.

TruFORM is now accessible as an upgrade for the current Ultima vertical bagger installs and new Ultima machines. In the future, TruFORM will become a standard forming set on new Hayssen flexible packaging equipment.

BW Flexible Systems develops flexible packaging solutions by coordinating with some of the industry's most trusted and innovative brands, which includes Hayssen, Rose Forgrove, Sandiacre, Schib, Simionato, SYMACH, and others. The BW Flexible Systems is one of several Barry-Wehmiller companies represented in BW Packaging Systems that collaborates with the collective packaging abilities of Accraply, BW Flexible Systems, BW Integrated Systems, Pneumatic Scale Angelus, and Synerlink.

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