China Biotech Services and NIVDC Come up with Genetically...

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China Biotech Services and NIVDC Come up with Genetically Engineered COVID-19 Vaccine

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Thursday, October 15, 2020

China Biotech Services and National Institute for Viral Disease Control and Prevention (NIVDC)are developing a vaccine for COVID-19 by using the technique of genetic engineering.

FREMONT, CA: Shenzhen Genius Biotech Services Co., Ltd(Shenzhen Genius), wholly owned by China Biotech Services, and National Institute for Viral Disease Control and Prevention (NIVDC), have got into an agreement to develop a genetically engineered recombinant candidate vaccine to cure the adverse health impacts caused by the novel COVID virus. Shenzhen Genius has got through the global patent registration for the vaccine, which is to be developed.

In addition, Shenzhen Genius owns the right to develop the vaccine, transfer, assess, conduct clinical trials, manufacture, and even sell it independently or on a commission basis. The vaccine that the partnered companies are looking to develop is said to be the safest type of vaccine among those that are being developed currently. This is because the vaccine is based on the principle of genetic engineering, and the recombinant removes the harmful genes of SARS-CoV2.

China Biotech Services looks forwards to successfully promote the development and also the production of the Cell Lines of the recombinant candidate vaccine at the industrial level. With the new strategic partnership, the company is attempting to fight against the pandemic that has been caused due to the COVID virus. Believing in the efficacy and the ability of biotechnology and its motto to make the quality of healthcare better, China Biotech  Services is devoted to developing its very own biotech platform to explore the opportunities in the realm of medical and healthcare.

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