Clover Health Enhances its In-Home Primary Care with Genomic...

Clover Health Enhances its In-Home Primary Care with Genomic Testing Capabilities of YouScript

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Kumar Dharmarajan, MD, Chief Scientific Officer

The in-home primary care is free of cost and offers regular personal check-ins, active monitoring, and home-based lab and radiology testing.

FREMONT, CA: To enhance health outcomes and bridge the disconnect in health care, Clover Health recently launched an in-home primary care program comprising genomic testing integration capabilities of YouScript, a proprietary clinical decision support tool for medication therapy management. Clover Health leverages data and technology to provide high touch longitudinal care for its members. Its in-home primary care program delivers member-centric care plans to enhance the quality of living and reduce unnecessary hospitalizations. Program enrollment is not only free of cost, but also offers regular personal check-ins, active monitoring, and home-based lab and radiology testing. The in-home care program is headed by Sophia Chang, MD, Chief Clinical Informatics Officer and practicing primary care physician at Clover, and Kumar Dharmarajan, MD, Chief Scientific Officer and practicing geriatrician at Clover.

“Through this program, we are taking full accountability for our patients’ care and health outcomes,” said Dharmarajan. “Our number one priority is to provide exceptional in-home primary care, and we’ve built a multidisciplinary team of health care professionals who are responsive 24/7 to achieve this goal. To do this, we are using data, technology, and care innovations to further improve our members’ lives.”

Clover Health leverages its cloud platform to collect, structure, and analyze longitudinal health and behavioral data. The platform facilitates the creation of products designed for the enhancement of health outcomes and the reduction of healthcare costs for Medicare beneficiaries. The company's objective lies in earning the trust of its members by partnering in their health. It facilitates seamless interactions by identifying high-risk members and connecting them with healthcare providers to streamline care coordination and enhance health outcomes.

YouScript has strived to improve patient care, cut costs, and save lives since its inception in the year 2016 from Genelex Labs. Its clinical decision support tool is a medication management system that enables medical personnel to evaluate the cumulative effect of patient drug regimen and unique pharmacogenomic outcomes. YouScript leverages extensive predictive analytics based on more than 17,000 curated references and product inserts to perceive and deliver a concise summary of the sophisticated genetics, medication, over-the-counter, herbals, and several other factors impacting drug safety and response.

Kristine Ashcraft, CEO of YouScript, said, “Our technology simulates a team of clinical pharmacists delivering evidence-based guidance in real-time, and this in-home program validates our impact at scale. We are excited to work with Clover Health, to provide the tools necessary to identify and positively impact the most at-risk patients, while bending the healthcare cost curve.”

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