Digital Experiences in Life Sciences to Get a Face Lift with...

Digital Experiences in Life Sciences to Get a Face Lift with Sudler, Acquia Partnership

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

NEW YORK CITY, NY: Acquia, a SaaS based company and Sudler New York recently announced the forming of an alliance to work out on raising the standards of efficiency of U.S.-based life sciences websites. Sudler, who initiated the development of Drupal-based Rx Promotional Standards Distribution (RxPSD) provides a robust healthcare communication network to their clients. It is a tailor made solution for the digital communications requirements of the life sciences industry and also facilitates regulatory compliance.

Years of experience with multiple pharmaceutical brands led Sudler to discover the variances in the digital communications of the industry websites.  Significant drug information display varied within the same parent company which could lead to confusion on a number of levels. Apart from this, there were also issues regarding the cost of customizing these elements on each site, ensuring compliance, optimization for multiple devices, with different screen resolution, design, and browser technologies.

Sudler selected the Acquia Platform for the delivery of RxPSD, taking particular advantage of Acquia’s ability to deliver more personalized, contextual experiences through the Acquia Lift suite of digital engagement services. The Acquia Platform provides a scalable and secure approach to the digital experience that offers greater potential benefits to the life sciences industry and helps ensure auditable compliance.

“The Rx Promotional Standards Distribution delivers significant operational leverage to pharmaceutical firms by providing a platform to develop and deploy sites that are responsive, semantically-optimized, engaging, and help achieve the goal of driving awareness and revenues for prescription products,” David Cherry, Chief Digital Officer at Sudler.

The RxPSD project will help life sciences firms save time and money by helping them spend less time thinking about compliance and more time building an engaging, uniquely branded experience that brings together product details, safety information, and related data all within industry guidelines.

“Working with Sudler, we’re helping life science firms think ahead by providing a platform that powers the agile delivery of digital experiences that drive customer engagement,” said Chris Hartigan, Vice President of Verticals at Acquia. “Supported by the Acquia Platform, we’re helping organizations reduce their time-to-market and innovate faster than ever before.”

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