Employment of High Speed Computing To Support Advancing Genomics

Employment of High Speed Computing To Support Advancing Genomics

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Thursday, August 02, 2018

Amalgamation of genomics with technology has paved the way for infinite possibilities for the treatment of chronic illnesses. However, genome sequencing experiments often consume several petabytes of data and researchers are often in need of infrastructure with the ability to process these massive data volumes amassed on a routine basis. Hence, high-speed computing has become a unanimous need of biologists across the globe.

Technology infrastructure giant Dell's contribution to genomics, in particular, is noteworthy. The renowned organization has delivered sophisticated systems that effectively aid genome sequencing and data management. The recent times have seen the increase in utilization of Dell servers utilized by several leading genomic research firms for the accomplishment of routine tasks.

Several globally renowned research institutions such as Public Health England (PHE), National Centre For Genome Analysis (CNAG) and others have been continually upgrading HPC resources to ensure effective analysis of genome sequences. To keep pace with the frequent evolution of HPC and research milestones, organizations are left with no choice but to upgrade their computing abilities by vaguely foreseeing the needs of the future.

A discussion regarding genomics and high-speed computing is probably incomplete if the story involving the highly reputed universities Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard isn't mentioned. After employing several sophisticated needs to address their research needs, its now believed that the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard have now turned towards utilization of the cloud infrastructure for better computation. It is believed that the renowned Broad Institute of MIT shunned traditional hardware and braced the cloud model approximately four years ago, setting an example for many research institutes to follow. The institute is highly popular worldwide for the analysis of cancer genomes and treatment of several ailments such as heart disease and type II diabetes.

In the recent times, several researchers have been employing the Genomic Analysis ToolKit, a widely used open-source software package for analytical purposes.



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