Exostar Partners with Taigle for sign-on access to Enterprise-Grade...

Exostar Partners with Taigle for sign-on access to Enterprise-Grade Digital Signature

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Friday, June 01, 2018

IRVINE, CA: Exostar a company that offers cloud based solutions to optimize collaboration and information sharing is partnering with Taigle which integrates life sciences and healthcare enterprise applications for digital transition of information.

Through Exostar Application Partner program, Taigle mySignatureBook (MSB) integrates with Exostar’s Life Sciences Identity Hub enabling healthcare communities associated with Exostar to gain single sign-on access to digital signature and workflow solutions.

MSB offers development and management of digital signature, electronic signature, workflow processing and storage capabilities to enterprises. Its flexible architecture allows rapid deployment, custom configuration and integration in form of Software-as-a-Service model which can be delivered on premise or in the cloud. According to Daniel Pfeifle, VP of Sales and Marketing, Exostar, MSB eradicates the burden and cost of manual document signature, consequently companies can focus more on drug research, patient care and vital operations.

MSB process include uploading document, placing signature tag and sending file followed by tracking real time status and managing timelines. Later other party can access document, configure signature and view audit trail, validate executed document and save it in appropriate corporate repository.

To facilitate multiple connections between manufacturers, researchers and customers, Exostar Life Sciences Identity Hub-Secure Access Manager (SAM) delivers simple connect-once approach to establish a secure community of users. Utilizing SAM will enable life sciences companies to improve their operational efficiency, increase security and policy compliance, deliver comprehensive partner view and streamline the partner lifecycle. It will also permit easy information and knowledge integration protected from compromise as well as promotes new engagement models and ventures.

Researchers, clinical trial participants and life sciences solution providers can execute MSB via SAM, which will aid them with Consistent Processes that captures and automate workflows, supporting numerous signing policies and signature processes. The collaboration also delivers documents to all recipients, notify them via mail alerts and transact business without any time constraints. The other perks include reduced shipping and material cost as there is no need to print or copy documents to obtain signatures, user friendly interface supporting enhanced signing, editing and reusable templates and improved security and compliance techniques such as real time tracking, detailed reporting and validation tools.

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