EyeCRO and NeuMedics to Develop NM108 Using MiDROPS Technology

EyeCRO and NeuMedics to Develop NM108 Using MiDROPS Technology

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK: EyeCRO – a preclinical ophthalmic research organization focused on retinal disease models has partnered with NeuMedics –a biopharmaceutical company that identifies and develops novel therapeutics for the treatment of retinal diseases to develop NM108 –a small molecule that treats ophthalmic disorders leading to blindness and Diabetic Retinopathy.

The partnership offers NeuMedics access to EyeCRO’s MiDROPS formulation platform that helps in giving drugs to the front and back of the eye through a topical eyedrop. The drug therefore treats a large number of retinal diseases involving anti- inflammatory molecules thereby preventing painful consequences in disease. The treatment is safe as it does not involve intraocular injection which some  times might hurt and involves less cost.

Besides treating patients the agreement also gives two companies enormous benefits giving them a privilege to develop more drugs to treat patients. EyeCRO will receive a tiered single-digit royalty on commercialized products for ophthalmologic indications and NeuMedics will receive a license for exclusive rights to formulate their class of molecules utilizing the MiDROPS platform.

“NM108 has the potential to provide a potent new treatment option for a number of prevalent eye diseases and conditions, including diabetic retinopathy, uveitis, and eye trauma. An eyedrop formulation capable of delivering NM108, a potent anti-inflammatory agent, to the posterior segment would be transformative for the field, and offer patients an alternative therapeutic option to intravitreal injections, the current standard of care for diabetic patients. Moreover, we also believe that the topical delivery of this agent may enable the use of NM108 as an adjunctive treatment to the current class of VEGF-inhibitors and laser photocoagulation to potentiate their effects and/or lessen the need for their use,” says Iain Duncan, Chief Executive Officer, NeuMedics.

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