First Dose of ETC-159 Enters Phase 1B of Clinical Trials

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First Dose of ETC-159 Enters Phase 1B of Clinical Trials

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Tuesday, August 11, 2020

ETC-195’s entry into Phase B1 clinical trial represents a novel and exciting therapeutic concept for the treatment of cancers.

FREMONT, CA: Made-in-Singapore cancer drug, ETC-159, touches a new developmental milestone in achieving "First Patient First Visit" in Phase 1B. The first dose of ETC-159 has been administered to patients in this new phase of clinical testing. This phase will look at efficacy in addition to evaluating the safety of ETC-159 in treating several types of cancers. ETC-159 was developed in partnership by Duke-NUS Medical School and the Agency for Science, Technology and Research, and it was first entered clinical trials in June 2015. ETC-159 aims a range of cancers, including colorectal, endometrial, ovarian, and pancreatic cancers.

This clinical study will comprise subgroups of colorectal, endometrial, and ovarian cancer patients from the National University Cancer Institute and National Cancer Centre in Singapore and up to seven clinical sites in the United States. The four confirmed sites in the US are The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, University of Colorado,  Washington University in St. Louis, and Duke University. The trial is expected to be completed by 2023 at the latest.

Phase 1B will determine to what extent this drug can slow or halt the growth of Wnt-high cancers or if ETC-159 can improve the activity of immunotherapy in those patients that usually do not respond to immunotherapy. Previously it is found that increased expression of Wnt pathway-related genes is related to drug resistance and exclusion of tumor-killing immune cells in the targeted types of cancers.

The progression of ETC-159 to this exciting new phase of the study is the result of a tremendous Singapore team effort, spanning from basic bench science to international clinical trials. EDDC's this important milestone is yet another testament to the research excellence and right collaborations Singapore can achieve with focused effort. This is just one of many such achievements. In EDDC's continual drive to find better treatments for patients, the team certainly looks forward to adding this study to the portfolio of early phase trials at the NCIS Developmental Therapeutics Unit.

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