FluidX Cabriolet Top-Down 2D Barcode Reader Integrated with RURO...

FluidX Cabriolet Top-Down 2D Barcode Reader Integrated with RURO FreezerPro v7

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

FREDERICK, MD: RURO, a sample management solution and RFID provider, is enhancing its FreezerPro 7 by integrating FluidX Cabriolet top-down reader, a new Perception line. It is developed to help during the transition from legacy tube with 2D barcode on the lid to a modern storage tube with 2D barcode etching.

RUROs FreezerPro is a frozen sample management solution used by modern scientific or pharmaceutical laboratory. It is a web based application that enables users to know the precise location of the frozen sample before opening the freezer door. The new version 7 is user friendly and acts as a data repository for storage location, sample data, shipping, tracking and more.

The assimilation of the new Perception line of FluidX that includes top down 2D barcode scanner in FreezerPro 7 will allow access and control of data at many levels to protect sensitive information while creating communication and collaboration in other areas.

Cabriolet top-down reader compatible with IntelliCode Software can decode 100 legacy tubes in 1 second. The advanced software deals easily with the poor consistency of legacy tube labels and cardboard 10x10 racks.

The perception scanner requires only a single USB connection to a PC or laptop without the need for alternate power source. The reader will distinguish an empty tube with a barcode tube that cannot be decoded, and separate it, keeping a clean data file.

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