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Forte Hosts Onsemble Conference and Announces Clinical Research Collaboration and Performance Awards

Pharma Tech Outlook | Friday, September 21, 2018

Madison, Wis. - Forte, an industry-leading developer of clinical research solutions, brought together key stakeholders in the clinical research industry, announced company updates and the winners of the Onsemble Rock Star Award and the Award for Excellence in Clinical Research Operations during the 2018 Fall Onsemble Conference at the Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center in Madison, Wisconsin.

At this 26th Onsemble Conference, 195 attendees from 55 of the nation’s leading clinical research organizations joined Forte in their hometown of Madison, WI. To kick off the event, Forte hosted a meeting with members of its Customer Advisory Board to gather strategic input from the industry’s leading research organizations, as well as hosted the inaugural industry round table. The industry roundtable aimed to bring both sponsors and research centers together to discuss methods for improving clinical research operations and identify actionable ways to achieve industry-wide efficiencies.

During the keynote, Shree Kalluri, Founder, CEO and Chief Customer Officer, identified some of the industry’s most pressing challenges and encouraged attendees to improve their adoption of the innovative solutions available to them. “As customers adopt and implement the solutions that we’ve developed together, that’s when we really see centers achieve breakthrough efficiencies and create real change in their organization and for clinical research as a whole,” Kalluri said.

Recently, Forte made organizational changes focused on further increasing customer success and poising the company for growth in critical areas. During the keynote, Kalluri announced the promotion of James Wurdeman to Chief Product Officer. Wurdeman has been with Forte for 13 years and has played a critical role in overseeing and contributing to the success of Forte solutions. “I look forward to further collaborating with our customers to improve the technology and solutions they use every day to address their toughest clinical research challenges,” Wurdeman said.

The powerful ideas generated during the industry round table continued into the keynote presentation where Kalluri facilitated two panel discussions. The first panel discussed Sponsored Investigator-Initiated Trials (IITs) and the value, challenges and efficiencies that could be gained in that arena. The second panel discussed the incredible potential of digital information exchange for clinical research in relation to Forte’s DIRECT initiative. To learn more about the motivation for DIRECT, read Kalluri’s recent blog post or attend his upcoming presentations at the SCDM Annual Conference in Seattle on September 24th and Dpharm Conference in Boston on September 25th.

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Each Onsemble Conference, Forte recognizes members that embody the collaborative spirit of the Onsemble Community. Nominated and voted by their peers, the winner and finalists of the 2018 Spring Onsemble Rock Star award are members who go above and beyond answering questions, sharing best practices and fostering discussions across many research organizations. For the 2018 fall winner, the community voted Adelai Neal from Hoosier Cancer Research Network as the newest Onsemble Rock Star for her contributions to the community.

Forte also announced the winners of the Award for Excellence in Clinical Research Operations, which recognizes institutions for their performance and improvement in clinical operations based on data gathered in analytics platform Site Benchmarks. The winner for Top Performance is Indiana University and Most Improved winner is Karmanos Cancer Institute.

Solution Updates

In their mission to help customers unleash their research potential, Forte revealed some of the ways their innovative research solutions can help organizations build greater efficiencies in their clinical trial operations.

Forte Managed Infrastructure

With Forte Managed Infrastructure, organizations gain a secure, turn-key foundation for OnCore and many other systems, helping them realize a return on their technology investment quicker and creating a successful, sustainable solution to maintain their technology.


Research organizations can take control of their regulatory process and save time, improve workflows and enhance 21 CFR Part 11 compliance across their organization with a system designed for academic institutions managing a large volume of protocols. The new Master Delegation of Authority is a game-changer and will not just move information from paper to electronic but will also create automation that streamlines the process.


With Forte Insights, research leadership can make strategic decisions that impact their organization. Teams can identify trends, spot problem areas and improve their research operations using the comprehensive data visualization dashboards from the data already entered in OnCore and EVAL.


Through this service, Forte provides protocol calendars for OnCore Enterprise Research System to enable research organizations to activate studies quickly and compliantly, decreasing study activation timelines.


Forte Research Evaluation System allows organizations to demonstrate the impact of their research and to effectively tell their complete story not only to internal stakeholders and leadership, but to the NCI and NIH.

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